Anderson: DNR fisheries chief addresses walleyes on Mille Lacs

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 22, 2014 - 2:00 AM

New Minnesota DNR fisheries chief Don Pereira tries to answer the unanswerable: What’s wrong with Mille Lacs walleyes?

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shaggsJan. 18, 14 6:02 PM

shutting down the lake for 1 or 2 years should help the fish rebound but it would be devastating for the resort owners. I would hate to see them forced out of business. I know the lake is more important than the individual resorts but we are talking about peoples lives here. In this day and age we should have enough information and know how to solve this issue without shutting the lake down. I am not an Indian hater, but I can't believe that they are allowed to net thousands of fish during the spawn. This has to be one of the contributing problems with the walleye population. In my opinion no one should be allwed to net during the spawn. It's obvious the spawn is the most important factor in maintaining the fish numbers......

hollyseanJan. 18, 14 9:58 PM

I'm not for the indians netting, but they netted very few pounds of walleye this last year because the late ice out. Tell me if i'm wrong ,but most of the netting done on Mille Lacs is by the wisconsin Idians. I still think the problem is a combo platter, netting, small mouths, poor slot sizes, over fishing. The lake is to close to the cities to have the libral limits that we had. I work the 2nd shift and travel north on 169 after 10 pm . When fishing was good you should of seen all the boats heading south during the week nights,alot of day trips. Lets do what we have to and get the lake back to one the best WALLEYE lakes in MN.

jackpinesavJan. 19, 14 6:52 AM

Why, oh why, will no one including Dennis tell the real story of how the negotiated agreement between the tribe and the state of Minnesota, brokered by then Gov Arne Carlson was blown apart by the reckless leadership of Bud Grant and other so called sportsmen groups 25 years ago. There would not now be netting as an issue. Those groups used Grant and his public persona to blow up the agreement and force the matter into federal court where the prevailing case law resulted in a ruling for the tribe, which everyone knew would happen, which is why the legislature and Governor had worked together to settle the case. Beyond the image of outdoor sportsman of Grant lies the legacy of the ongoing Mill Lacs fishery issues.

murphydogJan. 19, 14 7:08 AM

Why so many we don't knows from Pereira? Problems go directly to the decision to allow netting.

Douglind33Jan. 19, 14 7:55 AM

Smallies, pike and muskies are the "bad guys?" This is pathetic. It's obvious that the crack DNR exec team is totally owned by the walleye fanatics. Favoring one species over the others...why? Because they can play God with the natural world, spend ridiculous amounts of money catering to ONE LAKE's cult-like crowd. The rest of the lakes and the rest of us fishing fans don't get more than a token effort. What a distorted set of priorities.

sjfellegyJan. 19, 14 8:05 AM

Jackpine--for the umpteenth time--the settlement you speak of was only with the Mille Lacs Band--not all 8 Bands included in the ceded territory relative to the Treaty that are involved now. In the end, times 8, your save all settlement would have been worse. Maybe a third of the lake off limits to anglers? Hunting on private land in central Mn. by Tribal members? Thank god it didn't pass.... But now the same DNR that agreed to the mess we have now says we need to study things for a few more years? And he is a P.H.D.? Embarrassing to say the least...

petenelsonJan. 19, 1410:32 AM

Well, Mr. Fellegy, you surely haven't spoken to other tribes included as potential participants in the use of the lake, as I have. They were more likely to only use the small area of the lake included in the initial treaty. Instead, the population of MN got served up a heaping helping of white fear and paranoia, by Mssr.s Grant and Senator Lessard, who started the reactionary organization PERM. Shame on both of them for whipping up an uninformed public into a needless frenzy.

crashman1962Jan. 19, 1410:53 AM

Let's see the Indians use nets specifically designed to catch 1lb to 3lb Walleyes then put them in Spawning area's and we can't figure out why there are so few Fish of this size.

tmbrcruiserJan. 19, 1411:00 AM

As I've always said: Resource management is always a goodly share politics. Most of it flows from allocation of the resource to different users. These issues run the gamut from whether to shoot spike bucks, to whether to put a copper mine in Ely. My question is; How would the politics change if the worlds largest deposit of cadmium was discovered under Mille Lacs? How would that change the political value of those walleyes and would the anglers then be happy to have the tribe on their side?

sjfellegyJan. 19, 1411:02 AM

Petenelson--can you trust what you heard? Remember--the first words from the Bands in the early '90s's were--"we only need a few fish for ceremonial events". What happened? Are you saying this whole thing is based on spite for the state not taking the famous settlement by the Bands and not what they claimed to the courts-- the need for "subsistence" fishing? And you want me/us to trust that? As I said, the whole thing is down right embarrassing...and fraud at it's best.


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