NJ mayor: Christie administration said Sandy funds wouldn't arrive until project went forward

  • Article by: ANGELA DELLI SANTI , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 18, 2014 - 10:40 PM

TRENTON, N.J. — The Christie administration withheld millions of dollars in Superstorm Sandy recovery grants from a New Jersey city because its mayor refused to sign off on a politically connected commercial development, the mayor said Saturday.

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equal4all55Jan. 18, 14 3:53 PM

Now that Mayor Zimmer has come forward, I bet there will be more to come. It appears that Christie is a bully and uses his position to inflict harm on the citizens if their elected officials dare to cross him.

nycjake10010Jan. 18, 14 5:05 PM

The horrible part is that Hoboken got hammered by Sandy

DO1023Jan. 18, 14 5:21 PM

Article fails to point out that Mayor Zimmer is on the Hiillary for president committee.

select1wJan. 18, 14 5:43 PM

Typical bias repoeting by AP...to date there has been no proof this occured. It's Christie's aid against the accusers until the real facts are known and yet the headline leaves the impression it's been proven in a court of law. If tis was a lib governor there would be an assault on this misleading headline. Typical...it's become a joke when the press has the opportunity to attack a conservative. Where's the outrage over the IRS scandal and the FBI deciding there would no criminal charges brought against the admitted perportrators. For thr record the FBI never interviewed any of the 298 conservative non profits who were affected by this attempt to influence an election. How can you have both sides of the story if you only interview one side? Under Holder our justice system has become corrupt and as a result our country has become weaker.

diogenesnyJan. 18, 14 5:47 PM

"Christie himself was raising money Saturday for fellow Republicans in Florida. The fundraisers were closed to reporters." - that good old "open to everybody" GOP.

diogenesnyJan. 18, 14 5:55 PM

#342,000 out of a $1.8 billion pot for a town as devastated as Hoboken is? That's pathetic!

owatonnabillJan. 18, 14 6:01 PM

Fascinating stuff. Christie is about as "presidential" as Pete Clemenza but that's not the fascinating part. What IS, is the left's tireless attempts at character assassination toward anyone who appears to have a shot at leadership rom the right (though "right" in Christie's case is questionable). Get used to it, folks. Mother Theresa could be resurrected and running for office on the Republican ticket and, sure as shootin', somebody back in Albania would come forward and swear on a stack of somethings that back around the third grade the Reverend Mother-To-Be swiped some kid's bahklava. Power is the first, last and only thing.

pitythefoolsJan. 18, 14 6:04 PM

owatonnabill: "Mother Theresa could be resurrected and running for office on the Republican ticket"

Mother Theresa would never run as a Republican.

sadsadsadJan. 18, 14 6:16 PM

Oh, give it up Owatonnabill...all the bull that has been thrown at our current President on a daily basis has always been over the top. Cristie and you will have to grow a thicker skin.

grumpycatJan. 18, 14 6:23 PM

@bill, Mother Teresa wasn't a very nice person using most of the money donated to her for religious purposes setting up nunneries to worship her rather than helping the poor. So, I guess she'd be a perfect example of Christie, right?


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