50-year conservation plan covers all bases, except cost

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2008 - 10:02 AM

The unprecedented report, the product of 18 months of expert effort, offers advice on all aspects of saving Minnesota's resources. Next, politicians will respond.

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iluvminnJul. 9, 08 2:21 AM

In many years of environmental advocacy, these people always have the same message; "We are the experts, give us your money." It leaves very few of us to actually sweat and get our hands dirty. Go to their meetings and shake their hands and you will understand.

wingfootJul. 9, 08 5:13 AM

How could they not have included cost in their 'plan'? ..."and we need to provide additional funding to protect our natural resources"... Most of this is probably good stuff but they just raised taxes significantly a few months ago and I don't think this was included. Vote "No".

perronjpJul. 9, 08 6:42 AM

This study was conducted to prop up the "Vote Yes Minnesota" proposal that would raise MN Sales taxes for additional funding for the "Environment" and the arts. Vote yes and our money can fund art projects like crosses floating in urine. Look forward to the Dennis Anderson column supporting this study.

karendavid816Jul. 9, 08 6:43 AM

Is my computer broken? I read this article several times looking for even one specific of what this plan is about. A plan this long and allegedly comprehensive ought to have something in it worth including in the story. What is the reporter's point?

tippy1Jul. 9, 08 6:44 AM

You two are rich,, we want things to get better but don't want to pay for it. When has all this money gone into resource mgt? ALL programs have been under funded forever.

RipAndersonJul. 9, 08 7:17 AM

Has something changed? Last I knew it didn't "dedicate a portion of the [existing] state sales tax", it called for an INCREASE in the sales tax which would be dedicated. I say "NO" to that, at least until the 'temporary' extra 0.5% sales tax is eliminated.

Lunger43Jul. 9, 08 7:28 AM

Hmmm. One of the recommendations is to reduce mercury. What about all the compact flurescent bulbs being pushed on us that contain mercury?Does this mean we are getting back our incandesent lightbulbs, or do we get to use candles now?

genebessJul. 9, 08 7:58 AM

What if this became the law of the land. Another sales tax increase, easements on your lake property so that everyone can use your private land without paying for it, light rail everywhere, land use restrictions monitored by them. Do I sense Big Brother here?

bcarlson3Jul. 9, 08 8:00 AM

The additional energy (usually coal-based) required to power incandescent bulbs emits more mercury than the miniscule amount in the compact florescent bulbs.

genebessJul. 9, 08 8:11 AM

Use nuke fuel and there is no emissions and it is about a third cheaper then coal. I can't understand the untenable environmenalists stand on nuke energy, by your standards it should be the perfect solution. 142 plants on-line in the US with few problems.


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