Target email offering credit monitoring makes customers worry they may once again be marks

  • Article by: BREE FOWLER , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 17, 2014 - 8:34 PM

NEW YORK — An email sent to the roughly 70 million Target customers who may have been affected by a pre-Christmas data breach is causing panic among those who fear it could be an attempt to victimize them again.

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d434478Jan. 17, 14 4:59 PM

NOT clicking on their link...and we are IT professionals..just sayin.

mariezzJan. 17, 14 5:39 PM

Target could easily have avoided all this anxiety by simply directing people to go to and to follow the links to get the information. Why they included a link in their email is beyond me - people SHOULD be suspicious & unwilling to click on such a link.

rnvhillJan. 17, 14 6:03 PM

Earlier today the new was six more chains were currently being attacked - meaning that shopping at these chains today was giving up your card info (nice that they do not mention which six!). Now a major news source has "A report from iSight Partners and the U.S. Secret Service is warning that a new piece of malicious software called KAPTOXA has potentially infected "a large number of retail information systems."" A large number...

adammynafzigJan. 17, 14 6:22 PM

Seriously. Calm down. I got the link which was obviously legitate. And my cars was used during the breach. If you aren't already downloading your cc data everyday into a program like Quicken, you're doing it wrong.

tvzzJan. 17, 14 6:29 PM

who gave them our e-mail address? i never gave it to them.

rayk1800Jan. 17, 14 6:44 PM

Hopefully most people use a security package on their PC like Norton (which is free from Comcast). It checks your email and keeps it pretty clean. Also, if you care about your files, you should backup your email and personal documents. As far as Target goes, I haven't see any issues yet from using my Debit Redcard that draws from my bank account. I check the bank account daily just to be sure and haven't see any issues other then I need more money. lol.

right155439Jan. 17, 14 6:51 PM

I'm sure glad that I don't live in the constant fear as the people in this article must. The Boogyman is out there, stay in your house, destroy all your credit cards, trust no one.

nessmessJan. 17, 14 7:39 PM

perhaps, th could have sent info via Snail-Mail

wedgegirlJan. 17, 14 7:56 PM

Part of the issue is just what tvzz said - I don't have a Target account; I never have ordered from them on-line AND I have never given them my email. So WHERE did they get my email from? I don;t have a relationship with them except for purchasing from them with a THIRD PARTY CREDIT CARD. My relationship is with my credit card company NOT TARGET. And I am not their GUEST. I am their customer. I hate the ORWELLIAN language they use.

jlestribJan. 17, 14 8:40 PM

Our e-mail came from this address. Seems suspicious. Is this legitimate?;


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