Utah ski resort that bans snowboarding faces lawsuit in culture clash on the slopes

  • Article by: PAUL FOY , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 17, 2014 - 12:37 PM

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah resort long known as a skiers' mountain has been sued for refusing to open its slopes to snowboarders — a legal action that again exposed a culture clash on the slopes.

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d434478Jan. 17, 1411:40 AM

Hate skiing with out-of-control boarders flying by. And in this country, the non-stop suing is disgusting. Go to another mountain.

beaver88Jan. 17, 1411:41 AM

Please go spend your time and OUR dollars on something more productive will you?

rebelskichickJan. 17, 1411:54 AM

It's about time! As a ski racer and a snowboarder it doesnt matter what it on your feet. If you are out of control you are out of control. I have had just as many issues on the slopes with both. No reason for this.

ericgus55Jan. 17, 1411:54 AM

Now, I could go either way on the snowboard ban. I used to have a season pass years ago at Taos during their ban - and when at Taos, I skied. When I went other places, sometimes I would board and sometimes I would ski, no big deal. However, in my opinion, allowing some recreational activities on the hill and not others doesn't seem to rise to the level of a Constitutional violation. For instance, if a suit alleges that 'if skiing is allowed, snowboarding must also be allowed,' one could very easily make the same argument about sleds, tubes, snowmobiles, horses, or bicycles.

randjrjJan. 17, 1411:58 AM

This is silly. It isn't discrimination to prohibit certain equipment from a public area. You can't use motorboats in most of the BWCA, snowmobiles on x-c ski trails, or off road dirt bikes on hiking trails.

circleoflifeJan. 17, 1412:02 PM

Question. Is this resort a public or private resort? If it's a private resort, the owners can ban whatever they want. Good luck.

heckyousayJan. 17, 1412:07 PM

The only thing I regret about snowboards is that they weren't invented 20 years earlier - I would have LOVED to grow up on one! I still ski as I hit my 60's, but I've tried boards a couple of times with less-than admirable results. Rats.

ericgus55Jan. 17, 1412:16 PM

Many (most?) ski areas are privately-owned, but operate on leased public land, which is what the Alta situation seems to be. It will be interesting to see if the private side (companies can make their own rules) or the public-land (equal access) argument carries more weight. I think the bans are somewhat silly and probably bad for business, but if a company thinks it can attract more business by being board-free than it can attract by allowing them, I think it should probably be their call. The ski resort owners/operators are the ones who are paying for the lease, and most anti-discrimination laws don't mention snowsport preferences.

stpaulisbestJan. 17, 1412:18 PM

If this suit wins, I'm bringing my toboggan to Afton Alps. Seriously, the people here who say there's no difference haven't tried negotiating a slope with boarders sitting lined up in one of their walls across the slope. Or tried to ski a perfectly decent hill after the boarders have scraped their way down it exposing the bare ice base. These people are a safety hazard.

thisislameJan. 17, 1412:54 PM

Since they don't allow anyone with snowboards, these kids weren't discriminated against. If anyone was discriminated it was the snowboard. So unless the snowboard complains...


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