Cuts in federal rent aid are squeezing Minnesota’s poor

  • Article by: Chris Serres , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 16, 2014 - 10:31 PM

Families must move or find extra cash each month.

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LauralundJan. 16, 14 9:24 PM

Why doesn't Walmart, one of the most profitable companies in the world, pay their cashiers enough to be able to afford to rent an apartment?

saoirseJan. 16, 14 9:48 PM

I deal with this every day in my line of work, and the needless suffering I witness enrages me. Plain old American folks who have lost everything through accident, disease or sheer bad luck, end up in the housing hole with no way out, not with pathetic work earnings and high costs of living combining to make meals optional. I have veterans eating out of dumpsters. I have people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries from being struck by cars and trucks living on the streets. Yes, there are programs out there but nickle-and-dime cuts have made those resources scarce. Yet there's plenty of money to shovel into the military-industrial complex, and plenty of money to pour into the expectant mouths of foreign countries, particularly the one whose name starts with the letter I. I'll be amazed if this comment sees the light of day.

daytonsajokeJan. 16, 14 9:52 PM

LauralundJan. 16, 14 9:24 PM Why doesn't Walmart, one of the most profitable companies in the world, pay their cashiers enough to be able to afford to rent an apartment?..........why don't people better themselves in order to avoid having to work at Walmart? According to you, every Walmart employee should be paid at least $12-$15 per hour, regardless of the role he fills, regardless of whether he has the skills or experience to justify such a wage, regardless of whether he is a model employee or a slouch, regardless of how many other individuals are willing and able to do his job for less, regardless of whether raising wages will be good for the company’s bottom line. In effect, your premise is that $12+ per hour wages shouldn’t have to be earned or justified; they should be dispensed like handouts. May I ask what you pay your employees?

plizzoJan. 16, 1410:29 PM

"...Felt like she had 'won the lottery' on the day she qualified for federal rental assistance after a two-year wait." Of course it feels like winning the lottery, because it is FREE money! In two years time on the waiting list this woman could have gone to community college and earned an AA degree or learned a trade or other skill--all paid for by the government or at least funded by government loans. In two years time most adults could become self sufficient. Or, they can just sit on the waiting list and win the lottery by getting free money. And when they qualify for subsidized housing, they will be on it for years and years. A safety net is fine, but that isn't what this is. This is free money in the name of vote buying. Want a safety net? Okay, then we have limited time of getting assistance and possibly requiring it to be paid back. But Democrats don't want that because it doesn't help them get votes. Give people FREE cash and those dependent on it will always be loyal voters. Why doesn't this woman seek out a higher-paying occupation like construction, nursing, or something else instead of Wal-Mart? Because she doesn't have to. Just sit back and win the Democrat free money lottery.

gnutjobberJan. 16, 1410:54 PM

How about a one way bus ticket to,where rents are more inexpensive?

boozlesJan. 16, 1410:54 PM

@daytonsajoke "why don't people better themselves in order to avoid having to work at Walmart?"____People do better themselves by going back to school and furthering their education just to end up working at Walmart because its the only job available. You seem to be absent from the reality of what the job market is in this economy. Good for you for having yours, but many people are not as fortunate and do not have livable wage jobs. You might want to work on your empathy for others less fortunate than you.

boozlesJan. 16, 1411:00 PM

The lack of empathy and envy of the poor recieving financial help in this comment section is appalling. I bet many of you consider yourselves Christians. I have news for you, you are not acting Christ-like at all.

boozlesJan. 16, 1411:11 PM

Why are only comment critical of this women being allowed on this thread?

Loon03Jan. 16, 1411:18 PM

Walmart, like every company in the world, makes the best decisions they can in order to insure the business success of the company. They are not a charity.

loggersnortJan. 16, 1411:26 PM

The poverty these people face is nothing compared to the poverty people face I other contries.


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