Target attackers may have struck others

  • Article by: JENNIFER BJORHUS and STEVE ALEXANDER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 17, 2014 - 5:15 AM

Federal bulletin offers strategies to protect customer data.

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mouthwashJan. 16, 14 2:02 PM

In a certain descriptive manner, Target should explain why the transaction system has holes to begin with. Back when they came out with interactive electronic technology such as atm machines, manufacturers & financial entities recognized the need for HARD WIRED technology for such communication protocol -- and as such, data loss & theft were almost non-existent. It just seems that if card-readers in the modern day were similarly "hard wired" (rather than being generically programmable for the given merchant) there would be virtually no _room_ for data loss. This is so basic that even technicians of the 1800's and earlier would scoff at "modern" technology.

ishikawaJan. 16, 14 3:59 PM

mouthwash: Do you think Target uses the same technology company as Obamacare? Target has had years, no make that decades, of secure transactions. That the politicians are trying to politicize Target's very public business is criminal, but then its probably not criminal if you are a self serving shallow thinking "I know what's better for you than you do" politician. We keep electing these clowns. It must be for amusement as there is no other valid reason to keep reelecting these clowns. It amazing people like Harry Reid / Nancy Pelosi are in leadership positions.

rnvhillJan. 16, 14 7:00 PM

The malware has been pinpointed as KAPTOXA by a security firm called "iSight Partners". What is being said is Target found it - which actually is a positive for them, and that at least three other well-known national retailers have been attacked besides Neiman Marcus and Target.

summerguy3Jan. 16, 1410:44 PM

Sounds like the thieves were able to penetrate to a very low level of functionality and thus stay below the level of virus scanners and the like. Like Captain Picard defeating the Borg by hinting at implementing the "sleep" function (Star Trek Next Generation). Maybe the smartypants "red-suits" might wish to consider hardwired-like POS gear.

jhb8426Jan. 16, 1411:12 PM

So given that the malware was installed in the POS readers, the newer, highly touted, more secure cards used in Europe would have just as easily been compromised in this scheme.

erikj3Jan. 17, 14 5:11 AM

I'm sure this is the fault of the government.

wa0tdaJan. 17, 14 6:02 AM

Complex systems will always have vulnerabilities. What is important is that we learn from each failure and that the criminals are aggressively pursued and prosecuted. Countries that do not cooperate and continue to allow this kind of activity should suffer the consequence of restricted internet connectivity to the outside world.

wiseoracleJan. 17, 14 6:14 AM

sounds like a job for Seal Team 6! Then we'll see how many more hacking attacks are carried out! it won't stop until you make an example out of these people.

bizsmithJan. 17, 14 6:25 AM

Feds are a day late and a dollar short as usual.

iowasenseJan. 17, 14 7:27 AM

I'm not surprised that the 3 other National Brands that were also attacked have not come forward and admitted to their customers that this happened to them also. If they keep quiet maybe everyone will think that Target is the source of their problems.


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