From freeway to greenway as workers dust off bikes

  • Article by: LIBBY NELSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 8, 2008 - 12:10 AM

Rush hour hits the bike lanes as high gas prices push people to pedal to work.

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bugmenot99Jul. 7, 0811:06 PM

It's too bad the people who live close enough to bike are the ones who are least affected by gas prices. Another token gesture for the prius crowd.

bozobozoJul. 7, 0811:18 PM

Too bad? Too bad that people who have the opportunity to cut back on their own expenses, to enjoy a half hour or so on a bike path -- instead of being bottled up in a freeway bottleneck -- are taking advantage of the opportunity? Everyone of us makes our own decisions as to where to cut back, where to spend, and what matters. Personally I'm heartened to see the spirit these riders are showing.

rollbynightJul. 7, 0811:23 PM

bugmenot99: No one required you to live a long ways from work.

curtwigJul. 7, 0811:27 PM

What part of "commutes 25 miles roundtrip" don't you understand?? The actions of folks like these is most likely helping to lower the price that non-bicyclists pay at the pump. I suggest that you quit-your-belly-aching and applaud these fine folks...they might even be reducing your medical insurance as well.

djrjburtonJul. 7, 0811:27 PM

If the people close in decide to ride their bikes that is one less car on the road - If enough do it, congestion will drop and that will help everyone.

wopmanJul. 7, 0811:27 PM

I bike from my job in Minnetonka to my home in New Hope. It's 13 miles, which means I get my workout in for the day, it takes care of my commute, saves me a couple of bucks. I sleep better when I get home(I'm a nurse who works nights). I think in the final analysis, it really does not matter if you are doing it to save a couple of bucks or to get in shape or save the planet-it's all good.

marada13Jul. 7, 0811:30 PM

I applaud those who have either chosen to live closer to their work place or who have tried the experience of biking to work. I started biking to work two months ago in an effort to save time, money and lose weight. It's an 18 miles commute round trip through heavy traffic and pollution. I've lost 18 pounds, saved $100 in commuter fees and it takes me half the time to ride my bike as it does to drive.

piopio03Jul. 7, 0811:40 PM

yeah, enjoy while the warm weather lasts, our long winters suck!

SammyBoyJul. 7, 0811:54 PM

But if you've been downtown on a January day, you see more than a couple of bikers. I don't know if I would continue my biking commute in the winter, but those folks claim that with the right gear, you barely notice. And according the the Mpls website, the greenways are plowed as quickly as the streets. Still not sure if that will be my cup of tea come below freezing temps. But from the snowmelt to the first snowfall, it's great to bike to work.

dino01Jul. 8, 08 1:01 AM

I've commuted by bicycle year around for the last 18 years, 26-34 miles round trip. I enjoy the winters, and every season, all the more because I get outside and ride for a couple hours every day.


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