Patrick Reusse: Wild boss selling a sorry story to fans

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 8, 2008 - 7:31 AM

Doug Risebrough's next task is to convince the gullible Cult of 18,000 that his new collection of scraps makes up a real team.

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don50Jul. 7, 0810:40 PM

One good playoff run in 8 years. Not much to show for a high revenue team. Risebrough only slightly better than McHale. As a Wild season ticket holder, I find Reusse's article to be right on. If the Wild insist that they are near the cap than they are not getting their moneys worth on the trash heap of old washed up players they continue to bring in.

MikecGrimesJul. 7, 0810:41 PM

No stars in the group but then again you can be a 30 goal scorer but if your not tough that doesn't work either. I'd love to do better then Owen Nolen, but at least we've moved on from the Rolston(and before you say I'm a gulliable fan that buys into whatever the wild say keep in mind the moment the season ended I said right here that it was good to see the end of the Rolston era) The reality is what the Wild are trying to do is right, but they can't completly pull it off. Of course compared to Columbus Nashville and Atlanta the Wild is the most succesful. It's not good enough but I'll make up my own mind, and sorry to say Soulhan and Reusse will have no say in it.

MikecGrimesJul. 7, 0810:42 PM

Actually the Wild will be fine next year it's the year after that I'm concearned about.

nimnamnamJul. 7, 0811:11 PM

DTD is still going to "sell out" every game this season so he's pretty much covered. There was a time in his past when he actually cared about winning games but the money is always going to be there so why bother?Maybe it's time that we swallow our collective pride and become fair-weather fans. It probably wouldn't make a difference but I for one am tired of being played the fool.

elimn17Jul. 7, 0811:15 PM

wow reusse calm down you dont want to have a stroke there buddy. you know its funny that you talk about wanting to make a big splash in getting some amazing player(s). but the reality is that it is about team cohesion. one play can make a team better (ovechkin) but it takes 4 more guys to play the rest of the spots on the ice. (and if you actually look at the caps roster you will see some good ol' timers) i dont disagree that making a big splash would be nice but now with the cap teams have to think about short term fill in players. I personally think who we picked up wasnt all that bad. I really think that having some vets will be good for the team. I will stick to my motto 'vets win cups'. I am glad to see us get some of these older guys who have been there. and i cant wait to see how they will do in next years play offs.

expapre4Jul. 7, 0811:16 PM

This was the most ridiculous article ever. So you mean to tell me you would have DR spend a crap ton on Hossa. One player. When we got 3 proven players?!?!? Plus, some more. Hockey is about DEPTH. Sure with Hossa we could have had one of the best lines in the league. But having one great line doesn't make you a good team. All it would take is for a normal second line to take on our mediocre second line and we would be done for. The wild are fine. Honestly, I am sure a trade for a good center is in the works. And Ruesse... wow you are ridiculous... keep covering the twins... glad to see they hung on to Hunter and Santana so well... you know jack about hockey. Leave this sport alone.

dkorthJul. 7, 0811:19 PM

Rollie was a good guy, but would only throw a check to pad his stats, and when it didn't matter. The stars are the youth of this team (Gabby, Mikko, Burnsie, Butch) and now is the time they'll need to step up. Keep developing the younger players and all will be well.

cmodichJul. 7, 0811:22 PM

So you think that Doug wants the team to lose and have a crappy roster? why would he do that? It makes no sense...Doug did his best, no superstars bit on his offers oh well what he did do is replace and fill the holes with equal or better players no he didnt pick up a center but Nolan will play it if needed...why insult the team of 18,000 pat why??

Beamdawg20Jul. 7, 0811:31 PM

This is why I'll stick with Russo's Wild coverage. Wait to pass judgment on this off-season's moves until the season actually starts...not July.

muskratJul. 7, 0811:36 PM

Reusse should stick to writing about subjects he is knowledgeable about - like that giant ball of twine in Darwin he recently covered so well for us. What's next,Sid covering the War in Iraq?


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