St. Paul charter school votes to unionize

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2014 - 11:38 PM

Backing of 25 teachers makes the German immersion school the state’s only unionized charter.

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bwikJan. 15, 1411:02 PM

The last thing I want to deal with at the children's school is a union member. I wouldn't tolerate that at work, much less at the children's school. Schools are supposed to be about kids, not shielding problem staff or paying dead wood to stick around.

theruntJan. 15, 1411:23 PM

Calling teachers whose students are testing high "dead wood" is just plain snotty.

mdachsJan. 15, 1411:40 PM

The last thing that charter schools need is unionization.

chlyn001Jan. 16, 1412:41 AM

The teachers in this school realized being an "at will employee" is too insecure for them. The German teachers sure give us some perspective on how we treat charter school teachers here in Minnesota.

asdfasdfJan. 16, 14 2:58 AM

bwik- do you know the number one variable in predicting a teachers efficacy is # of years of experience. What you call dead wood is in reality the core of most good schools.

comment229Jan. 16, 14 4:43 AM

Have you taken the time to read a contract that each teacher has to sign to gain employment in a non-union charter school? It is the main reason why this quote was made in the article: "Many have high staff turnover, which makes sustaining an organizing drive difficult."

comment229Jan. 16, 14 4:48 AM

Would you like to know who teaches at charter schools? In all likelihood, you are going to find a teacher out of college, who has amassed a huge debt, needs a job, and has come to the realization that the school year is about to start, and the jobs have mostly been filled in the public sector. Then along comes a charter school opening. What would you do? I am NOT saying these are bad teachers... but they have their choice of teaching, their passion, or working at Starbucks. When they sign that contract and live under it for a few months, they realize they have been hooked. Was it their choice? Sure was, but I would be willing to bet that once a teacher leaves a charter school, for what ever reason, they will never sign another contract with another charter school.

mnavariceJan. 16, 14 4:56 AM

Time to dissolve the school. It just became more about the teachers than the children.

Willy53Jan. 16, 14 5:43 AM

The idea that student achievment in charter schools can vary depending on unioinization is absurd. The teachers are still the same regardless of their union membership. And the attitude that membership in unions equates with "dead wood" is simply ideological demagoguery. It is unfortunate this idea that organized teachers are hurting our children's education has gained such traction. It is entirely false. In fact teachers secure in their pay and future are much more likely to innovate and extend themselves in ways out of the norm. It is bizarre that some people would send their children to a school based on wether that school employed union teachers. It is such wasted energy and useless in factoring the strength and appropriateness of a particular school for specific kids.

supervon2Jan. 16, 14 5:57 AM

Here is the plan. 1. strike. 2. raise tuition 3. Lower services 4. shorten the work day 5. Lower expectations. The Union way.


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