Savage may get metro area's first upscale, gated apartment complex

  • Article by: Susan Feyder , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2014 - 11:46 PM

Upscale apartments planned for Savage, with a wrought-iron fence and only one entrance, would be a first in the state.

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mishugi300Jan. 15, 1410:12 PM

I think it is sad that MN is becoming a place where people want gates to keep other people out. This is not the MN that I grew up in.

SammyBoyJan. 15, 1410:29 PM

There was nothing more depressing in Florida than seeing gated community after gated community. If you want to live in a gated compound, head to south or out west. The fact that even the richest Minnesotans haven't demanded such controlled-access living says a lot about the ethos of the state. Additionally, rental properties are booming near the urban centers, not former pumpkin patches 30 minutes from everything. I know the area; it's a wasteland for the kind of people that a higher-end apartment complex attracts. There aren't even any employers of note in the area that could make living way out there palatable.

atmosphere59Jan. 15, 1410:34 PM

This is upscale? Seriously, this looks like a development for upper(who are really lower) middle-class wannabes who desire the feeling of being superior and insulated from the growing immigrant population that is slowly creeping its way into this boring, drab exurb. This place wouldn't even cut it as servants quarters in NON-gated communities such as Edina, Wayzata, and North Oaks. If you want to bring in upper class folks, build an upper class property, sans the gate, so traffic can flow freely and logically without causing excess pollution, and change the name from Savage to anything but. Savage! Really?

Minnesoda73Jan. 15, 1411:02 PM

This could make sense in places like North Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, etc. Many gated communities in Houston. This is really an illusion of safety.

kimi08Jan. 15, 1411:22 PM

I lived in one in Austin, TX where they have them literally everywhere so maybe I don't get the criticism. There is nothing "high end" about it, that's just how they do it in other parts of the country. I had a roommate in a 2 bedroom and our rent was like $1000 a month and we even had a garage...

stevenelJan. 15, 1411:25 PM

In some ways the folks who believe a gated community is a nice place to live are more dangerous to our shared community than the people the gate-mongers want to keep out.

createdequalJan. 16, 1412:15 AM

Well, how about that! A hoity-toity apartment complex, including a residents-only car wash and a pet playground, proposed for the pumpkin patch land in Savage, will be better secured than the state women's prison just five miles down the road in Shakopee. I don't get it. Either I haven't lived in Scott County long enough to understand this reasoning, or maybe I've lived here too long to ever figure it out.

kimi08Jan. 16, 1412:19 AM

stevenel...please explain to me how people who like gated communities are dangerous to a "shared" community.

jmaJan. 16, 14 1:18 AM

Not bad. Too bad it's so far from everything.

blakeericksoJan. 16, 14 1:42 AM

and change the name from Savage to anything but. Savage! Really? I suggest you read a bit of history. Anyone who lives in Savage as I do knows that the town is named for the owner of the famous harness race hore, the great Dan Patch.


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