Will conductor Osmo Vänskä return to Minnesota Orchestra?

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 16, 2014 - 6:27 AM

Almost immediately after Tuesday’s agreement settling a rancorous 15-month labor lockout at the Minnesota Orchestra, speculation shifted to whether Osmo Vänskä might return as music director.

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stupidsystemJan. 15, 14 7:42 PM

I hope so. No doubt there are some bad feelings still there, but I hope Osmo transcends those, and returns. He's a terrific conductor and a sensitive man who worked the Orchestra very hard during his time here, and got memorable performances from them.

kivirl4Jan. 15, 14 7:51 PM

why would he come back to this tundra wasteland? He probably has much better opportunities.

mnavariceJan. 15, 14 8:21 PM

Yawn. Do 99,9% of minnesotans even care?

akadamsJan. 15, 14 8:25 PM

Showing Michael Henson the door might be a good start to getting Osmo back. Actually, it's a good idea on general principle.

sausageJan. 15, 14 8:25 PM

With a new orchestra and a new philosophy perhaps a new conductor would be more appropriate. Old conductor and old attitudes may not lead to a new feeling. Remember "thesis plus antithesis yields synthesis".

lkw326Jan. 15, 14 8:35 PM

Just listen to a performance with Vanska, like the one last February (Sibelius - Grammy nomination), you'll understand that we don't need a new conductor or a new vision. They need to work to get back to where they were and finish. I hope they are going to keep this February concert with Vanska & Sibelius on the next Grammy nomination. AND I really hope the May 2nd concert will still be performed at the newly-remodeled Northrup Auditorium. Vanska and community ownership of the Minnesota Orchestra!

freedubayJan. 15, 14 8:50 PM

Found out that its tough to make 1.4 million a year waving a wand around in the real world. Not a lot of jobs out there with that skill.

mnavariceJan. 15, 14 8:52 PM

community ownership of the Minnesota Orchestra!---- no way. If they want donors to freely support them, fine. Not one more dime of public money

metrotJan. 15, 14 9:10 PM

Odds are that Vanska will not return. He is not in favor with either the Board or the Musicians, tho he did regain ground with the latter by conducting a "Protest Concert"and a "Farewell Concert". I know - that is a surprise ! Life is full of them ! Word is that, he is unlikely to ever be the Music Director of another American Orchestra tho he will have occasional Guest or Substitute opportunities.

jastkeJan. 15, 1410:04 PM

When Osmo came to Minnesota he was the right musical director for the right group of musicians at the right time. He took a respected but frankly un-noteworthy ensemble and elevated them to world class. Now the orchestra is rebuilding. Hiring him back would certainly help attract a good caliber of musicians but it's going to take time and luck to get the orchestra to where it was before the lockout. The question is whether he wants to try to do that at this point in his career, especially if there is another position beckoning.


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