NSA radio software can pry open computers

  • Article by: David E. Sanger and Thom Shanker , New York Times
  • Updated: January 15, 2014 - 7:14 AM

Implants allow surveillance and could be used to launch cyberattacks.

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sfod93Jan. 14, 1410:21 PM

Appears Traitor Snowden has slipped on the slippery slope. Grant amnesty and then an unfortunate accident.

thurstinJan. 14, 1410:49 PM

Why in the world did Obama not get the NSA to write the health care exchange software?

rshacklefordJan. 15, 14 2:35 AM

(article quote): "The NSA’s efforts to reach computers unconnected to a network rely on a century-old technology updated for modern times: radio transmissions." ---- Oooooh. Is the NSA talking about using receivers to listen for the electrical signals emanated from items such as a CPU and, more easily read/deciphered, a CRT or LCD's scanning frequency? That has been in practice for DECADES. Here is a spectacular story to read if you aren't in the know: "Theremin's device was used by the Soviet Union to spy on the United States. The device was embedded in a carved wooden plaque of the Great Seal of the United States." Currently, I am still waiting for the Faraday Cage Company to open up. We all now know that we cannot trust Microsoft, Apple, Google, many others, etc because those companies are forced to provide backdoors for the NSA and then additionally forced to LIE about not having created them. I do give those companies credit because when they were asked about "back doors for the NSA," a few responded with "no comment." That right there ("no comment") told the truth of the matter and the Catch-22 that the NSA placed those companies into.

jsmithxcJan. 15, 14 5:07 AM

It is very hard to believe anything the NSA says they are or are not doing. It is clear they are an out of control agency with little oversight and will justify doing anything in the name of national security. We have given away much in the way of privacy since 9/11.

george13Jan. 15, 14 5:19 AM

That's the gummint for ya, am I right?

wiseoracleJan. 15, 14 6:32 AM

In related news... new documents released today reveal a secret NSA program, code named clairvoyance, in which the NSA has had pediatricians chip individuals before they leave the maternity ward. this program transmits the thoughts of individuals to portable radio receivers, setup by field operatives.

EleanoreJan. 15, 14 7:19 AM

No domestic use? Oh, sure, this time we believe the governemnt. Right. You've earned this lack of trust from the public more than ever under the current presdent. Not one word any government agency claims can be trusted unless independantly verified.

hahatsktskJan. 15, 14 7:53 AM

And just think, we worried about the USSR. Seems we had dreams to do it better!

applejeffJan. 15, 14 8:17 AM

Yeah, right, Eleanore, it's all on the current president. Never mind that, "The technology, which the agency has used since at least 2008" was in use before the current president took office in January 2009. Everyone is always trying to tie these things to Obama. Sheesh!

summergolfJan. 15, 14 8:27 AM

Why would we release this information for everyone to know? Looks like all of our adversaries will now have it as well...


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