Guthrie Theater furloughs most of its full-time employees for a week

  • Article by: Rohan Preston , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 14, 2014 - 8:22 PM

The Guthrie Theater is furloughing most of its full-time staff for a week during January, a theater official confirmed Tuesday. The Guthrie has about 120 full-time employees, a figure that swells when productions are up on its three stages.

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supervon2Jan. 14, 14 4:35 PM

I quit contributing and going when they started to accept State money. Now they will probably get more money from the state.

pitythefoolsJan. 14, 14 5:00 PM

They should just skim a little off the Vikings Stadium pot o' gold. I'm betting that project is going to have lots of money that goes "unaccounted for" by the time it's done.

A440Jan. 14, 14 5:10 PM

Worry not, Dayton will just dedicate funds from electronic pull tabs to cover tearing down the dilapitated old guthrie from 2006, and building a new one.

nopolpartyJan. 14, 14 5:17 PM

At 6'2", I cannot sit in the seats at the Guthrie, as there is no room for my legs - I can't imaging how taller people can ever sit through these plays. Very poor design -- I'd rather sit in the middle seat on an airplane than any seat I've ever had at the Guthrie. I love the theater, but can't attend anything at this venue.

jcinmnJan. 14, 14 5:22 PM

The 1% had better step up or they'll lose another exclusive venue. Then they might have to start mixing with the rest of society doing what we can afford. With a doubling of their stock values I cannot imagine they're strapped for cash for cash unless the GOP and TEA party bled them out

susanskJan. 14, 14 5:30 PM

Bet they're not furloughing the top six figure administrators.

william16Jan. 14, 14 5:47 PM

Will Joe Dowling personally be assisting theater employees with making their home and car payments, grocery and heating bills, and other expenses, considering it was his "artistic" decision-making of shows that led directly to the Guthrie's losses?

erikj3Jan. 14, 14 5:55 PM

Joe Dowling makes about $600,000 a year ($200,000 more than President Obama!). Certainly he can afford to take a pay cut.

smeeagain2Jan. 14, 14 7:38 PM

The Guthrie wastes more money in a week than many smaller and more challenging theaters have in heir annual budgets. Cut from the top and give he money to the real artists instead of wasting it on bloated salaries for people with no vision.

rvjesseJan. 14, 14 7:46 PM

This is not unusual. Many companies shut down for a while during the year and some employees with less seniority get unemployment. Please quit picking on Mr. Dowling. He is a treasure! If you think you can do better go get in the theater business and apply for the position if and when it opens. If theater attendance is down in January then it is a smart business decision. It is cold in Minnesota and downtown is especially cold. Naysayers can ruin everything! Nothing is perfect, including you naysayers.


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