Seven Corners Hardware, a St. Paul landmark since 1933, to close

  • Article by: Curt Brown , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2014 - 9:53 AM

The Seven Corners Hardware store is closing in June. A private developer has purchased the property.

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buzzard23Jan. 14, 1412:02 PM

"Walsh said a 16-week sale will clear out the store. He said the hardest part of selling was concern for his 21 employees." Mr. Walsh, not sure if you will make any money on the sale. You could give each employee a year's salary as severance/loyalty. Maybe one will open their own business and create jobs too.

boboboboJan. 14, 1412:03 PM

He could demonstrate that he really IS concerned about his 21 employees by giving them generous severance and retirement packages. It's the right thing to do.

dsteinbe1977Jan. 14, 1412:14 PM

Said to here that it's closing. A lot of nuts and bolts there.

fwallenJan. 14, 1412:22 PM

Sad all around. Sad for the area residents who loved the quality service and small town feel. Pretty soon we will have few choices but the big boxes. 7 Corners was great because if you needed one bolt, wheel, or thing am a jig you could get it. You didn't have to buy a package of 6 or 8, only to relegate the exces to your tool box to languish for twenty years. Long term employees will also suffer. It would seem that many knew this day would come, but some of course did not plan for it and will have to scramble to find work. The great irony is that it will likely be a big box. I hope the owner is generous with the veteran employees.

sgjsdadJan. 14, 1412:31 PM

Xcel Energy Center event related businesses will replace the hardware store in that space very quickly.

Charlie Hoffman Jan. 14, 1412:32 PM

This is very sad. This was, by far, my favorite hardware store and maybe my favorite store of any sort.

swschradJan. 14, 1412:43 PM

that was the go-to place for the esotheric tool, blade, or fitting, and it was obvious the place grew like topsy over the years. I will have to make a farewell trip, but I have to think about what I'd really like to find before I go, or I'll overlook it.

hobie2Jan. 14, 1412:52 PM

Terrible! If you needed a hard-to-find part quick, that was the place - we'd drive over from the western burbs for a part (after its Mpls counterpart "went accountant" and only carried what everybody else carried)... Who is going to service small contractors? The internet sux for getting parts same day. For a hotel...

FrankLJan. 14, 1412:55 PM

A lot of their income was from professional tools, their catalog was as big as a phone book. Wouldn't be surprised if their catalog operation gets sold off to another competitor. The internet and better tool selection at the big box stores probably has cut into their business. With St Paul's extra hefty sales tax, it didn't make sense to buy a tool at the store.

mrprogressiveJan. 14, 14 1:06 PM

Lately, their sales staff has been going what the big box stores try to do to "help". They have their sales staff go around and constantly say "can I help you?". Which, in Minnesotian also means "What are you doing?". I greatly reduced going there since then. I'm there to go in, get what I need and leave. I am not there to be bothered.


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