Let diplomacy play out in nuclear arms dispute with Iran

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  • Updated: January 13, 2014 - 6:26 PM

New sanctions could unravel global coalition on nuclear weapons.

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WaterBunkerJan. 13, 14 7:48 PM

The MN senators have no ability to waiver in their support of Obama. It reminds me of a dog that will fight to the death. Klobuchar is safe, but Franken might get bit come November. Hang in there Al.

kilofoxJan. 13, 14 9:58 PM

Diplomacy with the Iranians. There is not such a thing. All this is is a delay for time by the Iranians. Such as when Neville Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Hitler and called it peace in our time. How did that work out. You deal with snakes by stepping on their heads and not letting up.

luzhishenJan. 14, 14 6:14 AM

I guess we are all sniveling cowards if we don't want to fight another Middle East war. Much of our deficit is due to the cost of the last adventures, there are proposals to cut Social Security and veterans' benefits to bring the budget into balance, and yet the same pundits keep beating the same drums for another useless war. If Israel or Europe are threatened by an Iranian nuclear program, let them fight their own wars.

RankenFyleJan. 14, 14 7:24 AM

Congress is not face to face at the negotiating table; they're sitting half a world away in recliners, with remotes in hand, trying to get a read on the latest poll results. John Kerry has done an outstanding job developing a dialogue with so many international players involved. Please let the experts on site do their job without the long distance micromanagement of amateurs.

josettelJan. 14, 14 9:51 AM

Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior; Obama and team will bungle this.

tinosaJan. 14, 1410:00 AM

he sanctions in place were bringing Iran to its knees, which are what made them come back to the table. So Obama then removes the sanctions without getting anything in return except a promise to keep on talking why they continue on their way to the bomb. Obama has had six years to do something that he promised that he would. At least Bush had his people begin work on the virus that slowed Iran down otherwise they would already have one. If Iran has the bomb, one of two things will happen. First, all the other countries in the area will try to acquire one and the whole region will go nuclear. Second is Iran will try to threaten someone with it and end up starting a nuke exchange. A lot cheaper to keep them from having one in the first place. They are stalling for time and have never kept their word on any agreement in the past, why would they this time. Obama realizes that he doesn’t know how to deal with this problem and is trying to kick the can down the road to the next President. No matter how much you close your eyes and pretend the problem will just go away, it won't.

williepep2Jan. 14, 1412:49 PM

I fully support a strong US position but please listen to our partners on this. No more unilateral wars!

windigolakeJan. 14, 14 2:33 PM

josettel: === "Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior; Obama and team will bungle this." === What a complete contradiction in one sentence. Obama has handled foreign policy impeccably, ending one of Bush's wars and ending the other. He has negotiated the end of Syria's chemical weapons program and killed bin Laden without the loss of a single American. He cut in half the number of Russian and American missile launchers. He helped end Qaddafi's tyranny in Libya without military intervention. If past behavior is a predictor of the future, this will be another win for the President.

hawkeye56379Jan. 14, 14 7:56 PM

tinosa said: "So Obama then removes the sanctions without getting anything in return"--------- Actually, Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment to 5 percent — the grade commonly used to power reactors. The deal also commits Iran to stop producing 20 percent enriched uranium — which is only a technical step away from weapons-grade material — and to neutralize its 20 percent stockpile over the six months. All of that is subject to daily inspection by international officials. So, we are actually getting a great deal in return. If Iran neutralizes the only highly enriched material that it has and can't produce any more then the world is much safer.

ciamanJan. 14, 14 8:13 PM

I wonder where the comentators were today when Iran shuted that they had won the war and make the U.S.A. look like fools. And that included the whole West as well. Iran wants the bomb, will get the bomb and then Isreal will crush them in just the nick of time. Our President and his lieutenants are the most inept white house people in fifty years. And that includes the Sec of State and Hilary and Kerry. And Iran walks away laughing. Nice deal, Mr. President.

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