Target CEO pledges 'to get to the bottom' of data breach, says 'I'm sorry'

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 13, 2014 - 9:26 PM

The top executive for Target said it will figure out who stole personal information of tens of millions of customers, and he apologized for the massive data breach.

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peoplewatchrJan. 13, 14 9:05 AM

Too little, too late! My shopping days at Target will be done once the gift cards I have are used up.

csjohnJan. 13, 14 9:26 AM

If you see the advantage of collecting customer data but fail to adequately protect it its a little disingenuous to "get to the bottom" of the problem after the fact.

d434478Jan. 13, 14 9:34 AM

So your PR firm finally got to you...or you finally hired one? This is the business!

cavellJan. 13, 14 9:37 AM

Bravo! What a bold, powerful statement from CEO. Gotta earn your $8M salary somehow.

spruce1Jan. 13, 14 9:39 AM

Where was this speech a month ago? Whom or whatever took this data has vaporized. These breaches will continue until credit card companies start chipping their cards, as is common in the rest of the world.

wandap1234Jan. 13, 14 9:40 AM

It looks like an insider problem from the get-go, and it is time for Target to fess up. One cannot get e-mails and home addresses from the strips on the cards at the cash registers. Nope, this had to happen per someone having access to Target's main database.

onatorJan. 13, 14 9:51 AM

This is what happens when you play with data kids. Sure there was a breach, albeit yet to be determined if external or internally fostered? Target (and others) have to decide if their core competency is retail sales or data mining. If you store stuff (data) for the purposes of marketing which is what they are doing then Yes it will probably get stolen. Now the problem is that I never authorized you storing ANY of my data so sorry, your "Sorry" fall short of its target... The problem here is that this is my data. "Sorry" Well "sorry" that's not good enough.

ednaturnbladJan. 13, 14 9:58 AM

"It has run the gamut of emotions from ‘I’m with you Target … and I’ve had the other side of that equation to where there’s been some very poorly chosen words to describe Target and myself,” Oh, some 'very poorly chosen words'?? Mr. Steinhafel, YOU don't get to qualify what your customers say about you OR Target, when your company has exposed millions of customers' personal and financial information. This is particularly true of those customers - including me - who've used a bank debit card to pay for purchases, as it's been made pointedly clear that if our accounts are compromised, it will be very difficult to recoup our losses. Oh, and you say, 'As time goes on, we're going to get to the bottom of this.' Sir, that time is NOW, or you will continue to watch as your NYSE shares fall, along with the consumer confidence in your company. ~FAIL~

vengeance712Jan. 13, 1410:10 AM

want to fix the problem, start with your culture. Stop promoting based on 'brand' and empower the people who really know what's going on to do their jobs. 99% of the 'leadership' are *people* who played the game and use the worker bees to get information so they can get by and maintain their position. I'm sure this issue/risk was brought numerous times but because it was so filtered and scrubbed you basically ended up with 'our data is safe because we are target, yea - go team!'

joe777Jan. 13, 1410:13 AM

Not defending Target or any retailer who should be properly protecting and monitoring their data stream but the credit card system in the U.S. is still using the same technology as 20 years ago. VISA and Mastercard have to step up to the plate and fix their antiquated system as others have pointed out with chipped cards.


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