Exurbs greet housing rebound with caution

  • Article by: Susan Feyder , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2014 - 10:51 PM

Building permits soaring as prices rise closer to town.

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MZBKAJan. 12, 1410:47 PM

I'll never understand why somebody would live in the exurbs and drive three hours every day to get to their job and back. One who lives like this spends 20% of the time he spends awake in his life stuck in traffic. What a waste. Live close to your job and spend the money you save on gas on buying something that's not an ugly pre-frabbed house that looks the exact same as your neighbors'.

rubybird74Jan. 12, 1411:58 PM

MZBKA - mind your own plate. A flat on the bus line with thugs hanging out on the street corner isn't for everyone.

shuckJan. 13, 1412:41 AM

While the absolute number of jobs his high in Minneapolis and Saint Paul the majority of jobs *aren't* located in either of the two downtown cores. The longest commute of my life came when I lived downtown and was working in a suburb. The second longest was living in a suburb and working downtown. My consistently quickest commutes have been burb-to-burb.

jkruzitJan. 13, 14 5:53 AM

I believe that MZBKA is minding his or her own plate. These exurbanites will want everyone to subsidize the roads that they will want to move themselves from the exurbs to their jobs.

wa0tdaJan. 13, 14 5:55 AM

Inner ring suburbs are a good compromise. There are possibilities in older properties that can be rehabbed, and there is much better access to services. Many are also served by good public transit and are also easily drivable. Now I'm nearing the end of my working life, and I've lived lots of places over the years. The worst were the ones with long commutes. Don't make that mistake - it's time wasted.

Mplsuptown1Jan. 13, 14 6:13 AM

You may not understand it MZBKA but the article makes a large point of it. Price. You get more for your money. Also for those of us who live out in the exurbs there is a sense of calm. It's nice and quite. I can hear a train 6 miles away while inside with the windows closed. Peaceful. I've accidently left my garage door open all day and had no problems. Security.

clnorthJan. 13, 14 7:22 AM

jkruzit. ... and those that live in the cities want me to subsidize their toy trains, bike trails, parks, and stadiums.

ies0716Jan. 13, 14 8:17 AM

I'm not sure why there's so much antipathy toward where other people choose to live. I used to live in Minneapolis and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that I'm married with kids I live in an outer-ring suburb for the additional room and lower overall cost of housing. Living in the city is great but you pay about twice as much per square foot to live in a decent neighborhood versus the suburbs, and the taxes are a lot higher. In addition, not all jobs are in the city itself; right now I work in Brooklyn Park and live in Andover, which is a better commute than it would be in most parts of Minneapolis. If we made more money or had fewer children we'd love to live in one of the good parts of St. Paul or Minneapolis. I don't understand why people can't just be happy with where they live and not be so concerned about others' housing choices.

antisuburbsJan. 13, 14 8:23 AM

Who would want ti live out in the middle of nowhere though?

mdcastleJan. 13, 14 8:31 AM

I think the reason there's so much antipathy to where people live is there's not enough transportation dollars to go around. If someone in the suburbs gets a new freeway or someone in the cities gets the new train, the other person looks at the train / freeway that didn't get built for them. Personally I find the inner ring suburbs a good choice. Close enough to the city I can drive in, some of the quiet and low crime of the suburbs. I've forgotten my wallet in my car for days in the suburbs but it was stolen 30 minutes after I forgot it in the car in the city.


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