Big names backing big-time soccer for Minnesota

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 11, 2014 - 11:40 PM

Minnesota has not had a big-time professional soccer team since 1984, but professional soccer’s return to the Twin Cities has suddenly become a hot commodity, as two newsmaking families with deep pockets have positioned themselves for a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise.

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speedbump25Jan. 11, 1410:05 PM

Lets build a new soccer stadium with a bike path in it. That way, we can satisfy two insignificant portions of the public who have pipe dreams.

dmcnevinJan. 11, 1410:45 PM

During his 15-year tenure as CEO and chairman of UnitedHealth Group Inc., McGuire turned the regional health insurer into the second largest managed care company in the U.S. He received his thank yous in the form of stock options—$1.6 billion of them, to be exact—but he took some of them on the days the company's stock price hit yearly lows, profiting when the stocks went up again. McGuire was asked to leave in October 2006 after federal prosecutors and the IRS requested documents concerning his stock options and executive compensation. He later agreed to return $600 million in various payback agreements, including one with the SEC. But McGuire retained about $800 million in options. This guy is a crook.

jhb8426Jan. 11, 1410:59 PM

Oh yeah, we need another stadium, and another sports venue in the twin cities.

neilgdJan. 11, 1411:12 PM

When I went to school at the U back in Memorial Stadium days, I lived in the area known as "Stadium Village". The way things are going, they're gonna have to rename the city of Minneapolis and call it Stadium Village.

boozlesJan. 11, 1411:13 PM

McGuire can use his own money to build the stadium. All the money he made from denying people health coverage and not paying his taxes should cover the costs.

thome2011Jan. 11, 1411:14 PM

Soccer is boring. I don't want to watch a 90 minute game that can end in a 0-0 tie.

dbsdbsJan. 11, 1411:21 PM

We've already built too many stadiums in the Twin Cities. The last thing we need is to spend more for a stadium for soccor. He has got to be kidding. Even soccoer fans have to admit that this is a ridiculous idea

kingchrosJan. 11, 1411:26 PM

I love Minneapolis and I love Major League Soccer. I'd love nothing more than for MLS to come to Minneapolis. That said, MLS is the Vikings stadium is a bad idea. MLS has thrived thanks to dedicated owners and the unique atmosphere present at soccer-specific stadiums. The Wilfs offer neither. (PS-Farmers Market would be a perfect location for MLS)

freedubayJan. 12, 1412:15 AM

Please build it with a retractable roof. We'll be the envy of every major city in the country. Just think we'll have a another 40,000 to 60,000 seat stadium. I think a 1% statewide tax should be in order considering how popular real "football" is. It is the number one sport in the world and with the concussion cover-up going on in the NFL right now, in a few years the NFL will be dead.

sfnorcalJan. 12, 1412:24 AM

Soccer is a great sport. It's the world's most popular sport. Boring, you say? Billions of people all over the world would disagree. It's becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., and will continue grow. The game sells itself. I can't wait to take the light rail or ride my bike to an MLS game downtown.


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