Dayton says MNsure fell 'far short of the mark'

  • Article by: Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 11, 2014 - 7:17 AM

Dayton and MNsure leaders on Friday offered the most details to date about decisions made in the nascent days of the agency.

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A440Jan. 10, 14 9:05 PM

...and when so many before you warned of the same thing, you labled them as what?

kilofoxJan. 10, 14 9:07 PM

What do these guys think was going to happen. When you put the government in charge of anything it will get screwed up. Name me one thing the government does better than the private sector. Anything the government touches becomes corrupt and way over budget.

biffpoloJan. 10, 14 9:14 PM

Maximus is a bloated, old school company with many unhappy customers. But they have lots of lobbyists schmoozing state officials. Quid pro quo didn't work out this time...this reinforces the rampant incompetency and corruption in government.

supervon2Jan. 10, 14 9:21 PM

But, if we just raise taxes that will solve all the problems.

johnmplsJan. 10, 14 9:30 PM

Dayton, like Obama, has never managed so much as a third shift at a Taco Bell. What did you REALLY expect when you voted for him? Next time, vote DFL, GOP, male, female, white, black, straight, gay, atheist, or evangelical, but for EVERYONE'S sake, vote for someone with some real world experience!

veritacaputJan. 10, 14 9:33 PM

Anyone else seeing a theme here? We have a governor eager to step up to a bank of microphones to declare that he and his minions have done their homework, and yes, this is the best course of action for our state...and then months later stepping up to the same microphones and, confessing,"Uh, well, this has not unfolded as I envisioned." Having been completely outplayed by Zygi and Co., he reels off the ropes, staggers back to center of the ring, and is KO'ed by the promises of Obamacare in the form of MNsure. And we all pay for his amateurish governance. Short of the mark, Mr. Governor? Your administration's tagline.

carbonfiberJan. 10, 14 9:38 PM

No lack of intent or desire. Only a lack of competence. So... Recovery Step 1 -- go old school, up the phone center staff, up the processing staff, build your manual procedures, standby to process, and enter everything on paper and key it. Your labor cost will go up significantly in the short term, but you will get ahead of the demand issues. Recovery Step 2 -- assess and rebuild your technology. There is plenty of time to sort out Recovery Step 2 AFTER you take care of your customers in Step 1. Good luck!

jpcooperJan. 10, 14 9:43 PM

Electonic Pull Tabs fall short, Vikings Stadium is a tax payer mess, Mn Sure is a mess, Union daycare push is a mess......... Whats the common denominator? Mark Dayton?

thedamsJan. 10, 14 9:43 PM

@Kilofox: who is technically in charge of MNSure's website ? a private company ! tadaaa ! Oh, yes, right... we NEVER, EVER heard of corruption and failure in the private sector. Private sector (and its non-regulation) is so perfect that it has put the whole world into recession !

rshacklefordJan. 10, 14 9:45 PM

(quote of the YEAR): "Gov. Mark Dayton said Friday that he believes Minnesotans deserve a “reckoning” for the problems with the MNsure website, but he’s not ready yet to point fingers of blame." ---- Be sure to let 5.3 million taxpayers know when you are READY to stand in front of a mirror and point at it. How far short did your Etabs fall? How often did you bow to Wilf? Zero leadership for the good of the people.


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