How 'Star Trek' explains Obama's foreign policy

  • Article by: Aaron David Miller , Foreign Policy.
  • Updated: January 10, 2014 - 12:42 PM

Remember the 'prime directive'? The president obeys it better than Kirk or Picard ever did.

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crittermeatJan. 10, 14 1:07 PM

Prime Directive? Seems to me the Peace Dove has been plenty acitve in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and several places in the African continent.

WaterBunkerJan. 10, 14 1:11 PM

Miller gives Obama way too much credit. Obama is indecisive and lacks leadership skills. He didn't do healthcare, Pelosi did. He permitted it to happen. He didn't exit Iraq, he permitted GWB's timeline to occur. Obama was along for the ride in Libya. Europe led that. We saw how decisive he isn't on Syria when Russia took the lead. Afghanistan is developing consistent with his other actions. Domestically he played no role and exerted no control over ACA implementation. It happened without him. He surrounds himself with extreme liberals and gets out of their way. Finally he has no interpersonal relationships in congress because he avoids direct confrontation. Another sign of a non leader.

firefight41Jan. 10, 14 1:37 PM

President Obama — much cooler and more temperamentally aligned with the Vulcan Spock ****************** Horse Hockey

swschradJan. 10, 14 1:43 PM

... which has enabled us to live long and prosper. cue music, roll credits, thanks Desilu.

redblack30Jan. 10, 14 2:00 PM

Why does an article on foreign policy, concerning literally life and death for lots of people, have to be silly?

emblake000Jan. 10, 14 2:08 PM

Your argument that President Obama's constant watching of original series reruns inspires his own Omega directive is clearly flawed since the Omega directive isn't introduced into Star Trek canon until the Stark Trek Voyager series. Therefore, this entire article is hogwash. How's that for Vulcan logic?

william16Jan. 10, 14 2:15 PM

Obama is light years away from the leadership acumen of a fictional Kirk or even Spock.

SlickrocksJan. 10, 14 2:44 PM

The difference is that on Star Trek, they kicked the butt of anybody who threatened them or earth, prime directive or not. I only wish that the Obama administration applied the Star Trek prime directive to it's own citizens!

twinsajsfJan. 10, 14 2:51 PM

Very creative, fun and insightful article. Obama is surely a welcome change from George "shoot first and ask questions later" Bush. This is not to say that there can't be any deviation from the "Prime Directive", but I'm much more comfortable with this as a general rule than the general rule that was in operation prior to this Administration.

Area51Jan. 10, 14 3:16 PM

Wouldn't Barry Soetoro have been living in Indonesia when Star Trek aired?


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