New documents show worries about bad publicity in NJ traffic-jam scandal

  • Article by: ANGELA DELLI SANTI , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 11, 2014 - 8:10 AM

TRENTON, N.J. — Officials squabbled over media leaks and worried about bad publicity in the days after lane closings near the George Washington Bridge caused huge traffic jams that now appear to have been politically orchestrated by a member of Gov. Chris Christie's administration and key allies, documents released Friday show.

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pinky1933Jan. 10, 14 1:55 AM

" I'm not a bully," Christie said today. Well, that settles it. Just like, "I'm not a crook!l

erikj3Jan. 10, 14 6:43 PM

President Obama was supposed to have known what low level IRS officials in an office hundreds of miles from Washington were up to (which is obviously ludicrous), yet we're supposed to believe that Christie didn't know what his top aides in his OWN OFFICE were up to for months on end? Either he's so incompetent, so out of touch, that he couldn't be bothered to notice, or he's lying. Either way, he's toast.

goferfanzJan. 10, 14 6:53 PM

Does anybody care outside of NJ? Well, other than Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ;o)

aviendhaJan. 10, 14 7:32 PM

Fire 'em all. This is ridiculous. Politicians are not elected to mess around with our daily lives just to score political points against each other. Being a Democrat or a Republican, or supporting a particular candidate, is not a crime that requires retaliation. Enough is enough. We are ONE country and we need to start behaving like it again.

clnorthJan. 10, 14 7:40 PM

erikj3. Holder sent guns to Mexico and Obama didn't know anything about it. Holder still has a job.

erikj3Jan. 10, 14 8:08 PM

cinorth: "erikj3. Holder sent guns to Mexico and Obama didn't know anything about it. Holder still has a job."...What does this have to do with with anything? Stay on topic.

actualreaderJan. 10, 14 8:51 PM

Hmm. A "traffic study" that finds when you close the lanes to Fort Lee, drivers have a hard time getting to and from Fort Lee (wow!) turns into a public relations study that reveals when the public finds out your aides and appointees behave like bullies they assume you're a bully, too. It's Obvious Conclusions week in New Jersey!

adliblogJan. 10, 14 9:19 PM

Blindsided by his minions? Okay, if Christie knew nothing about it until now then who's the stupid one? I'll buy angry, arrogant, and overreaching but seriously doubt he was uninformed by his own team. Whether or not he knew about it his Presidential prospects probably are now toast. If he can't control his own supporting team how is he supposed to recognize and handle threats to the US as its president? Given the homeland security implications of his prank he'll be lucky to avoid criminal association with his own top aides. But maybe, given how many bad things that could have happened but didn't happen during the four day long traffic jam, he'll run for the nomination as Fortune's Favorite. And if his dumb luck holds Republicans might still pick him.

rlwr51Jan. 11, 1412:07 AM

And this was the best candidate the Republicans had to offer in the next presidential bid...

fyren99Jan. 11, 14 1:49 AM

Christie is crooked. He needs to resign now. Hiopefully the GOP can come up with a presidential candidate who is more trustworthy than this guy, because Hillary is not a viable alternative.


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