Writer who gave away Hall of Fame vote suspended, banned from future voting

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  • Updated: January 10, 2014 - 7:20 AM

Dan Le Batard, the ESPN host who gave his ballot to the web site Deadspin so its readers could cast a Hall of Fame ballot, will no longer be allowed to vote on Hall of Fame candidates and has been suspended for one year by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

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mstthreekJan. 9, 14 2:27 PM

I understand this but what about those who didn't vote Maddux in on the first try or vote for guys who have zero right to even sniff the Hall?

toner_04Jan. 9, 14 2:43 PM

mstthreek - agree somewhat. no one has ever been a unanimous first ballot HOF'er, so Maddux should be #1. But this is BS, these writers get a vote for life and many don't even cover baseball full-time.

cinemajayJan. 9, 14 3:06 PM

I'm guessing he knew the repercussions prior to surrendering his vote to Deadspin readers. It's a bit of a stunt, but maybe that's what's required to make a statement about a less than perfect system for inducting players into the Hall of Fame.

bluedevil101Jan. 9, 14 3:20 PM

Boo, hoo, hoo...the Baseball Writers are upset. These are the same guys / gals who followed Sosa and McGwire around all summer in 1998 and Bonds in 2006. They fed right into the hysteria and now they sit in judgment. I've yet to see a column regarding the team managers of these sluggers and the injustice of putting them into the Hall while keeping the players out. Hall of Fame = joke. Baseball writers = crybabies.

LinksterJan. 9, 14 3:22 PM

Good! We already have a crappy All-Star game once a year loaded with Yankees and Red Sox and other big-market players, regardless of their merit. That is the result of fan voting. We don't need the hall of fame to turn into the same thing.

suprpoleJan. 9, 14 3:26 PM

Good I hope he never gets to vote again. He was upset that people are not voting for steroids users. Steroid users should NOT be in the Hall. How many records would they have if they didn't use steroids. And don't tell me it didn't help them hit the ball. How many hits would they lose if they couldn't get around on the ball as fast or wouldn't have hit the ball as far. If it didn't help them, they wouldn't have done the drugs.

william16Jan. 9, 14 3:29 PM

At least his Deadspin ballot included Craig Biggio, who should have been elected but fell two votes short.

ollie3Jan. 9, 14 3:46 PM

How many of the BBWAA voters wrote about steroids in baseball during the careers of Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Piazza etc? And not just at the tail end of their careers, but while they were setting the records.........*crickets*........if they didn't do their jobs as reporters/journalists while the cheating was taking place, then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to have a vote.

ruphinaJan. 9, 14 3:46 PM

Interesting that all of the players on the deadspin ballot are NLers except Clemens. Bill G.

ham2846Jan. 9, 14 3:49 PM

Heres the deal. In the coming years the HOF voting will be done in the same manner That many of todays teams use to judge players. They cram a bunch of stats the avg fan has never heard of then feed them into a program that is filled with stats from other players and the computer rates how good they are and gives them a number. If you talk to any tech savy sports enthusiasts, this is the ONLY way to judge how good a player is. So when all of us ancient newspaper readers no longer are relevant in judging the talents of a pro athlete, the mountains of data collected will be processed, a criteria for entrance to the HOF will be established and push the button. The newest class for the HOF will be spit out in a mere few seconds with no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


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