Suit: Man was cuffed, helpless when fatally shot by Brooklyn Center police

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 9, 2014 - 8:56 PM

Edmond Fair’s death was “atrocious and unjustifiable,” the federal suit filed by his mother said. Police disputed the case.

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blendedvegJan. 9, 14 2:26 PM

Does the Trib get advertising revenue from plaintiff's attorneys for presenting their clients' case before the defense can legally comment on the case and refute the claims?

supervon2Jan. 9, 14 2:27 PM

Why are we allowed to comment on this action and not some others? Interesting.

backslidorJan. 9, 14 2:29 PM

Fair was pulled over at 2AM in his van while running from a warrant that had been issued for Fair’s arrest when he missed a sentencing hearing a month earlier for his role in the kidnapping and rape of a woman in Brooklyn Center. Fair was convicted of felony assault, sentenced to three years in jail for previous crimes. Fair is a career criminal and I am glad he is off the streets permanently.

gemie1Jan. 9, 14 2:35 PM

This was a bad dude, but the case is about if he was handcuffed and killed by the police and it does not matter what his arrest sheet looks like. Did they pat him down before they handcuffed him. I am sure this comment section will disappear soon.

fdrebinJan. 9, 14 2:46 PM

I don't believe this will ever make it to court. I'm guessing an ambulance chaser took this case for the 40% of the settlement the insurance will pay instead of defending the police. I wasn't there and you weren't there, but this was a dangerous individual based solely on his record.

carlbsJan. 9, 14 2:58 PM

We need justice to fight agianst people like Fair, but we also need justice to decide if the police committed murder. If it's true that Fair was handcuffed and taised/dazed and was then shot, the cop should do life.

minn12Jan. 9, 14 3:04 PM

The defense gets to make up whatever story they want to, and basically claim their client was 'executed' by police. And as for all the 'community activists' who want police shooting cases investigated by an outside agency, well this one WAS. It was investigated by the Sheriff's Office, and the officers were cleared by a Grand Jury. Do you really believe a trained police officer is going to basically execute a handcuffed prisoner who was sitting on a curb? It's complete nonsense.

selfmadeJan. 9, 14 3:14 PM

Lesson number 1 kids: When a cop pulls you over(especially if you have warrants), don't fight with them or you can get shot. Parents: Please teach your children not to get into physical altercations with police under any circumstances, especially when they have warrants and HAVE to go to jail. They will be shot. The more you know.........

gunclingerJan. 9, 14 3:30 PM

Does anyone remember the case a few years back when it was alleged by the family of a fleeing criminal that the police had used their vehicle(s) to run the perp into a tree, killing him? Think it might have been down by 40th and Blaisdell. Well, the police released the dash-cam video of the incident and they were a block or more behind him in the chase. Heck, the fool might have escaped had he not killed himself. Sometimes, it seems, families of criminals may not exhibit the utmost of probity when they make these allegations.

banndcathyJan. 9, 14 3:40 PM

Folks, we don't have any testimony, any autopsy report which could show handcuff marks on one or both hands, any witness statements (the non-shooting officer and the other van passengers as well as passerbys) or the cop car video. Saying this was a justified shooting, or that the case is stupid, or that the grand jury was wrong, or that the cop was a racist or that the guy deserved to die because he was a criminal is just plain irresponsible. Let the case move forward and see what the facts present.


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