Sack cartoon: Chris Christie

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  • Updated: January 8, 2014 - 6:19 PM
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comment229Jan. 9, 14 4:40 AM

If he has any presidential aspirations, he needs to fire a bunch of people and sooner, rather than later. That is not a political commentary; it is just an observation which would come back to haunt him in any presidential debate that MIGHT happen.

A440Jan. 9, 14 8:00 AM

Sack never met a republican that he didn't hate.

RankenFyleJan. 9, 1410:16 AM

The Jersey Bore....

kimi08Jan. 9, 1410:34 AM

The funny thing is, with all of the scandals in the Obama administration, his answer has been exactly the same thing "I didn't know about it". I guess with Democrats you get the benefit of the doubt...

redeye12Jan. 9, 14 1:03 PM

Spot on kimi08. Why is Christie's response that he nothing about it not acceptable but Obama's response that he nothing about Fast/Furious, Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare mismanagement, etc., supposed to be taken as gospel? The word of the day children is "hypocrisy." Say it with me, hy-poc-ri-sy. Liberals, I know it hurts, but call it what it is.

blendedvegJan. 9, 14 2:14 PM

As a true independent who votes almost equally among democrats and republicans, let me just say that I find the "Obama did it, so its okay that Christie did it" argument a little silly. If Obama is the hallmark by which you're judging your guy, than I may just give up entirely.

godiveJan. 9, 14 3:12 PM

@blendedveg I don't think people are saying its ok for Christie (I think he knew and should pay a price) they are just saying that libs like Sack make a big issue against the republican and ignore the democrat even though the jist of the issue is the same.

comment229Jan. 10, 14 4:31 AM

redeye12: sort of like Gates while he was in the office of the president being nice, and saying that everything is rosy.... and instead of resigning he just kept right on being mr. nice guy and telling us his opinions... but now, he is out and he is/was either a liar, or the biggest hypocrite in D.C.

comment229Jan. 10, 14 4:33 AM

The best and most rational comment I heard all day yesterday was an analyst who said that there is a thresh hold where information stops in every bureaucracy.... and now that this thresh hold has been established, further investigation can continue and if it appears to be a lie, then you have to hold the person next in line, responsible... unfortunately for Christie, that is himself IF there is real evidence... NOT an opinion debated as fact on a news network....

clankazoidJan. 10, 1412:29 PM

Are you " overweight " ? Sack finds you loathsome.


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