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birdpadre77Jan. 8, 1412:17 PM

Thank you for sharing this. Tragically there are so many kook websites out there, and people who are self-proclaimed experts thinking they know more than WHO and the CDC. It's compounded when these things affect kids. Chilling article and angering too seeing what kids go through due to the lunatic fringe.

johnelJan. 8, 14 1:26 PM

Good article - too bad science isn't given more respect in our world. My only complaint - describing raw milk as healthy - it is far from healthy. Pasteurization was invented because of all the people who died from consuming raw milk.

slikweasel21Jan. 8, 14 2:22 PM

All these anti-vaccination nuts bring illness on themselves. Same thing with raw milk drinkers, 35% of all E. Coli cases are from raw milk and the fools still drink it.

hobie2Jan. 8, 14 2:37 PM

The US would be a far better place if in high school, the year of civics was replaced by a required: half year of civics, a quarter year of logic, and a quarter year of logical fallacies - an article like this would be of little interest to a society that learns to think instead of guess... That a course in precise thinking has been opposed by politicians, political parties, marketers and business, and teachers should give you some idea of how powerful such a course is - and how much it is needed. Yes, politicians will have to deal with voters possessing critical thinking - yes, the sellers will lose some powerful sales tools - and yes, teachers will be challenged in class whenever they have weak positions. If you are blowing smoke and people see through your bull, works for me... An education system that does not teach how to properly discuss and think in order to protect authority? Bull in = bull out... The trendy items in the article would then not be fads that line promoters pockets, as truth.

panktainterJan. 8, 14 2:38 PM

Hey man, you have to let the refugees get their way. Don't want to impinge on their civil rights as non-citizens.

lostinstpaulJan. 8, 14 3:12 PM

Try aqain here; LOok into the flu vaccine. Tell me whats in it. Tell the ill effects of those things. Tell me how many people you know who get the vaccine, and get the flu 9 out of 10 times. Facts, deal with them

davidpalmerJan. 8, 14 3:54 PM

Nice try lost. The flu vaccine is new vaccine every year. Virologists select the flu viruses to vaccinate against which are most likely to be present in any one year. Unfortunately, like last year, they do not always select the correct strain of flu virus. Most years the flu vaccine is much more effective; especially in young people. Children die from flu every year; no one dies of the flu vaccine. Vaccine quacks neglect the lessons of history with contrived arguments or stories of rare adverse reactions.Their explanations for the near disappearance of previous child killers like polio, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and the complete disappearance of small pox are absurd. A more recent vaccine success story- Hemophilus influenza vaccine(Hib) which was introduced in the mid '80s, resulted in a 99% reduction in invasive homophiles disease- meningitis, pneumonia and epiglottis in children. All these infections had a high mortality rate. The whole autism-vaccine fallacy fueled much of the anti-vaccine movement. Angry people looking for something to blame their misfortune on.

lostinstpaulJan. 8, 14 4:16 PM

davidpalmer = nice try yourself- Try answering the question, rather than refuting things I NEVER said, nor implied. "Tell me whats in it. Tell the ill effects of those things. Tell me how many people you know who get the vaccine, and get the flu 9 out of 10 times." Try that, then spout off about " Stick to the topic, not a canned defense of some boogie man.....

lostinstpaulJan. 8, 14 4:20 PM

Let me help you with my #1= Whats in it??? **Aluminum salts To help stimulate the body’s response to the antigens **Antigens=An antigen is any substance that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against it. An antigen may be a foreign substance from the environment such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or pollen **Formaldehyde- Care to respond to those facts from the CDC

reidJan. 8, 14 4:27 PM

The whole autism fiasco is worse than that. Some idiot doctor did very unethical things to kids with biopsies and such, and then, after the application of some very large sums of money from some attorneys, wrote an article that started it all. Despite being retracted and editorials saying the initial research paper was written up by a non-serious person, the movement seized this untruth and return to it over and over. The dude's medical license has been pulled in England, but I heard he's here in Texas or someplace giving private lectures to people willing to pay him a high fee to hear his falsehoods. It's bad enough to be wrong, but science is self correcting. What really sucks is there are dead and injured children because he took money from sleazy attorneys to publish an article that might have helped them win a case. Dirt bags of the lowest degree. Protect our children and immunizations are the easiest, safest and most cost effective way to do it.


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