Southwest light-rail gripe session stirs some anger

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 7, 2014 - 11:03 PM

A consultant tried to sell skeptics on the stalled Southwest line at a public session in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis.

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J_DubyaJan. 7, 14 9:27 PM

Kenwood residents - we need more LRT and we need the bike trails. The plan as it stands preserves both while also protecting the lakes (another must). Stop with the NIMBYism and work toward finding the best solution.

bleavitJan. 7, 14 9:35 PM

It seems Mr. Doyle was at the wrong tables. The conversation at our table was balanced and productive. Feelings were expressed, thoughts were shared, I felt we all came away with a better understanding and along the way we were able to add to the process. What was absent, thankfully, was the rhetoric and clueless diatribes we heard in the reports from the other tables.

ckrbkierJan. 7, 14 9:36 PM

The title of this article is so misleading. It was not a "gripe session." As someone who was there, I can truthfully say that people gave constructive input. Yes, there was a strong theme of mistrust with the process and the wrong route through Minneapolis but I heard no "griping." Also, there were people from neighborhoods other than Kenwood and Cedar. There was strong representation from St. Louis Park and other neighborhoods (Wedge, Uptown, Kenny are few I heard recognized). Disappointing SWLRT coverage again

cpcasserlyJan. 7, 14 9:37 PM

Co-locate the trains, and build a long, beautiful Sabo-like bridge for pedestrians and bikes, and save a hundred million.

dflleftJan. 7, 14 9:39 PM

DAN CRAMER is being paid $22,000 taxpayer dollars to calm fears? this project has become a complete disgrace.

liveswellJan. 7, 1410:01 PM

This project was developed under the Bush Administration’s Federal New Starts program with criteria that heavily favored suburban growth over service to cities’ needs. Travel-time savings of 1 to 2 minutes for suburban commuters were given far more weight than transit access for urban employers and residents. Current demographic information projects population growth to pick up in the city, as we see for example in Uptown in southwest Minneapolis, and to slow in the suburbs. However, this alignment does not serve the new growth patterns. Pat Doyle might think information that doesn't meet his paper's corporate agenda is griping, but in Minneapolis, we call it active citizen engagement. Who are you selling your building to? And where do you live Pat?

sixhertzJan. 7, 1410:09 PM

Plenty of money to build LRT but not enough to fix crumbling infrastructure. Our government is in the very best of hands.

hildigardJan. 7, 1410:15 PM

I'm no a transportation expert -but it seems that the line is missing some huge population centers at the uptown and lyn-lake nodes. I wonder why they would hopscotch this area only to high tail it out to eden prairie along kenilworth? -It would seem that a connection like this would attract higher ridership and could serve both communities. Was there opposition to running out of town along the midtown greenway tracks out to EP?

belluxJan. 7, 1410:18 PM

Doyle couldn't have been at the actual meeting! One officer there left early on. Whatever anger existed was definitely managed well. Also, not sure how it's NIMBYism. There were people there from many Minneapolis neighborhoods, St. Louis Park and Golden Valley residents were there too. Frustration, agreement, approval, contradictory thoughts, disagreements and opinions were expressed by many about the process, LRT and freight rail. Ultimately, what the SWLRT office does with what came from the meeting will be a good gauge!

JMJohnnyJan. 7, 1410:26 PM

The tone was generally positive at out tables - to the point where elements of a compromise deal began to take form. Basically, Kenwood folks at our table did not want LRT and SLP folks did not want freight rail of any sort, which suggested rerouting LRT west via West End and either hwy 100 or the MN&S ROW and rerouting the two small MN&S trains per day over the freight-only TCW line between Bryn Mawr and Louisiana. Lots of work to get there from here, but that could - finally - be a productive undertaking for MC consultant legions.


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