St. Paul Port Authority to buy downtown Macy's, but for what?

  • Article by: JANET MOORE and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 8, 2014 - 6:01 AM

Port Authority to buy the shuttered downtown property for $3 million.

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SchmengeJan. 7, 1410:37 AM

Good luck, hopefully thoughtful use of this property, the Saints stadium and the light rail and some luck will cause St. Paul to get a little life.

littlebootsJan. 7, 1410:41 AM

Great news! I can't believe buyers weren't beating down the door for this prime real estate in bustling downtown Saint Paul? The Dorothy Day Center needs a new, bigger space for the homeless and downtrodden in Saint Paul. I think they should convert the space into the new Dorothy Day Homeless Center! It's plenty big and in a prime location to serve the needs of the homeless.

ScottSimonJan. 7, 1410:48 AM

This is the "St. Paul Way" and it is called SUBSIDY. Pay more than fair market value and tie up the property until you finally either tear it down or sell it at a loss. All of this at a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. I'm surprised some government entity hasn't stepped forward to buy the Lexington Restaurant yet -- but of course there hasn't been a sincere offer made on it so far. When a lowball offer comes forward, you'll see someone attempt to "rescue" it with public funds. It is so hard to believe people keep electing these "bags of gas" to spend their money this way.

lukasmnJan. 7, 1410:51 AM

Let's not forget that this location is an anchor store for the rest of the downtown St. Paul mall and Wells Fargo Center/Ecolab Center. It needs to be what it was and perhaps the city should knock on some other doors. Macy's be damned! Try Dillards or Herbergers. Macy's isn't the only store in town and downtowners need a place to shop for better quality goods.

dentesterJan. 7, 1411:07 AM

Actually, the tax payers bought that property. It's amazing how rich we are that we can be the buyer of last resort for so many white elephants.

karendavid816Jan. 7, 1411:18 AM

How thoughtful of the St. Paul taxpayers to take Macy's problem and make it their own.

littlebootsJan. 7, 1411:45 AM

@karendavid816, it's not Macy's problem downtown Saint Paul is a terrible place to do business. It's absolutely 100% Saint Paul's problem! You reap what you sow. Macy's is doing fantastic out in downtown Seattle where I live! You own it Saint Paul, literally.

SwiftBoatJan. 7, 1411:53 AM

The private sector doesn't want to do business in St Paul. Move government. Detroit.

downtownfunJan. 7, 1412:16 PM

I'll believe DT St. Paul is " Back " when a Target store is built down there because they believe they can be successful. The money in St. Paul gone, it moved to Florida and Arizona.

littlebootsJan. 7, 1412:26 PM

@downtownfun, well said. I truly believe they have a crisis on their hands down there. Downtown is the heart of any city. Saint Paul has a broken heart.


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