Chobani lovers complain about smaller yogurt cups

  • Article by: Mike Hughlett , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 7, 2014 - 5:34 PM

Chobani dominates Greek-style yogurt but has drawn complaints after following General Mills with a 100-calorie, 5.3-ounce product.

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wblynchJan. 7, 14 9:02 AM

Fage is 100 times better and it is still 6 oz., costs more but you get what you pay for.

jmcdonalJan. 7, 14 9:56 AM

The problem is, you can't get 100 calories in 6 oz., so to use this marketing niche, you have to go to lower oz. per serving.

bracystakeJan. 7, 14 9:58 AM

They didn't shrink the price 12% so I would feel cheated too. That stuff is pricy!

circleoflifeJan. 7, 1410:07 AM

That's the beauty of the free market, buy something else. Greek yogurt is nasty anyway.

stueeJan. 7, 1410:19 AM

The entire food industry has downsized the product per package. Just try to make a recipe which says to use one box or one can or one package of an item. The recipe doesn't work any longer. You must use measurments. I make a rum ball candy which needs so many ounces of Nill'a cookies. I used to use 2 longer can. I need to buy three and measure 4 ounces of cookies from the third to add to the 2 which are lighter in weight now. Same thing for mayo per jar. If you are using it in a recipe and you need 16 ounces, you need to buy 2 jars since the jars have lessened the weight per jar. Price has not changed.

rogerbJan. 7, 1410:19 AM

The problem is that once one company shrinks the container, others follow. Remember when a can of tuna was 8 ounces? Now it's down to around 5. Used to be able to make two sandwiches from a can, now it's about one and a quarter. On the other hand, public health is being served by giving us smaller serving sizes.

ddellwoJan. 7, 1410:22 AM

I see why they did it to reach the "100-calorie per container" goal and don't have a big problem with it as long as the price goes down in correlation with the reduced size. The one I've noticed recently that really bugs me is Sun Chips -- the "normal" bag at my local supermarket went down so much in size that they are more like the "Big Grab" single-serving bags you can buy at the local convenience stores! So irritating -- just raise the price already instead of trying to convince yourself that your customers are a bunch of dopes and won't notice the smaller sized bags!!!!!

blorangeJan. 7, 1410:37 AM

ddellwo: It turns out that customers are a bunch of dopes, which is why this practice works as well as it does.

alr213Jan. 7, 1411:00 AM

Kind of like the "half gallon" of ice cream containers that went to 1.75 quarts, then to 1.5 quarts, with no reduction in price. But remember: there is NO inflation!

jgmanciniJan. 7, 1411:04 AM

It's not only the smaller size. The thing about Greek yogurt is that it's supposed to be thicker than regular yogurt, so it has less water and more protein. But lately, I've noticed the Chobani cups are more like soup than Greek yogurt. So you're getting a smaller size with more water and less actual product than before.


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