Rybak in good condition after 2nd surgery following heart attack

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 7, 2014 - 6:27 AM

Former Minneapolis mayor has procedure to clear out an artery after his weekend heart attack. “He’s doing really well,” hospital said.

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member23131Jan. 6, 14 3:59 PM

Thanks Abbott Northwestern. They saved me as well. Incredible skill and humane treatment. And, we all need more RT.

dwp4401Jan. 6, 14 4:01 PM

Let's take Rybak's situation as a lesson to us all. If you experience chest pains and/or shortness of breath, you need to call 911. After following this story, it is my opinion that Rybak's heart attack was diagnosed in the field by paramedics. Don't ignore the symptoms. Don't drive yourself to the hospital. Time is heart muscle. Call in the experts.

SwiftBoatJan. 6, 14 4:06 PM

It's good to see he's doing good. But, do you think the Star Tribune would have given this much coverage to Tim Pawlenty or Norm Coleman if they were to have had this happen to them? I doubt it.

swschradJan. 6, 14 4:30 PM

I've had all my procedures done at the same time in my 6 trips to the cath lab over 17 years. I suppose the reason there were two procedures days apart for Rybak was unavailiability of the specialist for the artery cleanout. wish him well, a subsequent radio stress test after rehab will tell the tale.

stutuckerJan. 6, 14 4:50 PM

Wish I had taken a family member to Abbott instead of where we went. My father had a similar issue and other organs started shutting down. The facility never determined if there was a blockage or not and sent him home with medications. Abbott definitely knows hearts.

josettelJan. 6, 14 5:00 PM

Amazingly poor reporting. What was his BP? Heart rate? Temp? If we are going to fawn over the guy, let's get all the details.

This is why we have the issues we dpi today. Dem or repub, we treat politicians like they are better than the rest of us. Mr. Brandt, if you don't report on Joe Plumber's heart attack then why RT's? He's no better, no more successful, no more important than the rest of us.

MikeyMikeJan. 6, 14 5:10 PM

4144.... Get Real!

badgerstaterJan. 6, 14 6:12 PM

Best wishes for the former mayor but what about the dozens of others who have had heart attacks, surgeries, procedures, etc.? The mayor gets all the ink. The rest get ignored but, then, they're just the little people.

albstromJan. 6, 14 6:17 PM

As a heart attack survivor, I agree wholeheartedly with dwp4401. DO NOT WAIT if you have symptoms like shortness of breath, a heavy feeling on your chest, a twisting feeling like you are getting a "snake bite" inside your chest, sweating, or heartburn-like symptoms. CALL 911 and DO NOT BE ASHAMED if it turns out to be less serious. The brain has a hard time discerning pain in that region of your body, so it is very difficult to tell what is causing it.

rshacklefordJan. 6, 14 6:35 PM

I just hope his new and immediately available Generation Next job provided new and immediately available health insurance for him. These kinds of ailments are the cause of huge medical bills, future pre-existing conditions, and possible bankruptcy as the previously "Uninsurables" know. Get well soon.


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