In a first, cohabitation surpasses marriage among dating couples in US who become parents

  • Article by: HOPE YEN , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 6, 2014 - 9:40 PM

WASHINGTON — No longer taboo, living together has become a more common arrangement for America's couples who become pregnant while dating.

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davehougJan. 6, 14 3:16 PM

"The latest results seem to indicate that marriage, as a context for childbearing and childrearing, is increasingly reserved for America's middle- and upper-class populations," = = = SAD, just plain sad.

redstateJan. 6, 14 3:19 PM

Unexpectedly become parents??? Just remember, easy and cheap to walk without it being acknowledged by law.

sek2undrstndJan. 6, 14 3:19 PM

Great, more cause for concern with welfare abuse. People don't get married which means they don't count both people's income when determining needs based requirements. This means that the person qualifies for welfare and have their child birth paid for by the state while having their "boyfriend" live with them. What a way to scam the system.

vegasgalJan. 6, 14 3:30 PM

Sorry, I don't buy the stress of planning and paying for a wedding. A marriage license is a few dollars and the county courthouse will do if you actually value the relationship and want to provide legally and financially for the child. There are good reasons why same sex couples are demanding that they be allowed to marry for the sake of their children. It matters.

dirtydogsJan. 6, 14 3:55 PM

Are these folks seeking out to be parents without getting married, or are they a victim of circumstance (unplanned pregnancy) and 2 wrongs don't make a right? I wonder how long these relationships last compared to shotgun weddings. Seems like just an excuse not to tie the knot. I be in most cases they shouldn't have kids in the first place. Our moral compass is gradually wearing out.

markerminnJan. 6, 14 4:01 PM

Not all is more rosy the higher you go on the income scale. On the flip side of this article is the fact that Federal and MN income taxes punish higher income people who get married by increasing their taxes. Total marginal and average) rates on a second income can be as high as 64% (39% Fed, 10% MN, 15% SS). Some recently exuberant gay professional couples are finding out that some aspects of marriage are not so great!

LicoriceJan. 6, 14 4:03 PM

We're past the day of the scarlet letter. And, can't we lose the term "out-of-wedlock?" It even projects a negative view of marriage. Sort of like "the old ball and chain."

MichJoe500Jan. 6, 14 4:11 PM

Picture Caption: "No longer taboo, living together has become a more common arrangement for America's dating couples who unexpectedly become parents." Do these couples not know about the birds and the bees? If they do, well, it's kind of hard to say a child is absolutely unexpected.

uno1950Jan. 6, 14 4:13 PM

Piece of paper aside, two loving, caring parents involved in their child's education are always better than one, always. BTW, my sister is in one of these live in relationships with child's father and wants to be married badly. Wonder how many others?

rlwr51Jan. 6, 14 5:40 PM

Is this article from 1990?


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