INTERACTIVE: The weather of 2013

  • by: Raymond Grumney
  • Updated: January 7, 2014 - 11:53 AM

Minnesota once again became a chilly kingdom in 2013. Snow fell heavily into May and the year ended with a cold and snowy December. Half the months were colder than normal (although “normal” is warmer than it used to be), and in April, the Twin Cities saw a record daily low temperature for the first time in nine years. Summer and fall brought warmth but not bliss, exactly, as windstorms took out thousands of trees across the state and a dry spell led to a late, drab-colored fall. Of course, there was good news: Only 15 tornadoes were documented in Minnesota in 2013, the fewest in more than 20 years. Click on the tabs on top of the visualization to see other displays of weather data To view or download a PDF of 2012 or previous years of "The year in weather" as it appeared on the pages of the Star Tribune just click on the dates below: 2003 * 2004 * 2005 * 2006 * 2007 * 2008 * 2009 * 2010 * 2011 * 2012* 2013

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