A new day is dawning at Minneapolis City Hall

  • Article by: MAYA RAO and ERIC Roper , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 5, 2014 - 6:29 AM

New mayor will have time to look beyond the budget and focus on a broader agenda, such as closing racial disparities in education and jobs.

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billybillyJan. 4, 1410:15 PM

Do what is necessary to mitigate that awful deal made with Wilf. And try to get Johnson booted from the Council presidency.

reader22Jan. 4, 1410:17 PM

I'm sorry but she needs to start sounding like a mayor instead of a kindergarten teacher who is gathering the children for circle time. Her breathy delivery is off-putting and gives her no credibility as an elected official. So far - not impressed, but then again I didn't vote for her so I'm not surprised.

emilysfriendJan. 4, 1410:36 PM

Looks like the same old tired liberal agenda. As far as "racial disparity" - whatever that is, how about fathers in the home? That will solve many problems!

pmarc078Jan. 4, 1411:01 PM

Ummmm..... Why the focus on the Somali community? Is there going to be a Hmong representative in her office? Will she have a committee for the Russian community? Or the Hindus?

DLBabatzJan. 4, 1411:02 PM

I am frequently befuddled when a Mpls or St Paul mayor or city council member cites Education as his or her top priority. Do they not realize that in Minnesota, city government and school boards are separate political bodies? Other than talk, Minnesota Mayors have no authority over Education matters.

chuckhoovJan. 4, 1411:32 PM

I agree with read22. The new mayor is unimpressive, no leadership qualities, and heavy on drama.

mdachsJan. 5, 14 1:12 AM

I agree with the comments about education - the mayor and the city council do not have jurisdiction over the school system. With respect to jobs, the mayor can only enact business-friendly regulations to attract more businesses to the city - right now, most small businesses would testify that Minneapolis has a huge burden of onerous regulations that discourage and stifle businesses. And certainly do not encourage businesses to expand. Another way to deal with the jobs issue is to increase the number of city government jobs - oh, oops, that will require increased tax revenues, so that's a non-starter! With respect to housing, I'll admit that I have no clue about how she can influence this. As another message stated, if she wants to close the racial gaps with respect to improved housing, education, and jobs, then she should implement programs that encourage 2 parent family households, where parents take an interest in their kids' education and development.

bwikJan. 5, 14 6:34 AM

#1 duty should be to reduce corruption and revolutionize HR. Competitive compensation. No more pensions. Pensions are a form of corruption. Honest labor deals have a salary and health insurance. Not another whole pot of money later. Laborers say like they want fully funded pensions, so lets just give them a direct salary - if they want to invest it go ahead. We shall see how epic of salaries they believe they deserve - double normal people, and why is that? I will judge her based on my tax bill AND how the city works. Both need huge improvement.

murphydogJan. 5, 14 7:11 AM

Johnson said Hodges knows how the council operates, so “I think there’s no real learning curve there. But I do think once all this pomp and circumstance gets done, we need to figure out what the regular interaction is between the council and the mayor and make sure we’re on the same page and don’t jump ahead of each other.” Sounds like Johnson is still under the impression that she runs the city. Way over time for to go.

godiveJan. 5, 14 7:58 AM

heaven help the taxpayers .


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