A year in North Dakota: Stories of people and change

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 6, 2014 - 4:15 PM

At the end of a feverish fifth year, it’s easy to paint North Dakota’s oil portrait by numbers: Production is inching toward a million barrels a day, up seven times what it was in 2008.

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kennyrogersJan. 3, 1410:48 PM

The train full of crude oil that exploded and led to the evacuation of an entire city puts a damper on everything.

kilofoxJan. 3, 1410:58 PM

If this was Minnesota we still would be having protesters and members of the nanny state crying before they even got 1 barrel of oil out of the ground.

donm251Jan. 3, 1411:14 PM

I remember back in 1972, teachers told me that there would be no more oil in the world by the year 2000.

minnexyzJan. 4, 14 7:41 AM

Someone should make a reality show like Deadliest Catch set in these N.D. oil fields

nick40Jan. 4, 14 7:54 AM

Congratulations to these people-instead of sitting around collecting welfare in a no job state, they go to where the jobs are and work hard. The US is sitting on a huge energy windfall that would transform the economy and thankfully there are a few places like North Dakota where it happens. At the same time Obama stops the Keystone pipeline.

WaterBunkerJan. 4, 14 7:55 AM

donm251: Environmentalists do damage to their cause with outlandish predictions. Their credibility would improve if they made 100 year forecasts because no one would be around to question them. But they can't incite enough emotions looking that far into the future. It is a real dilemma for them.

fromupnortJan. 4, 14 8:29 AM

My house was warm this morning on gas heat; I cooked breakfast on a gas range; I will wash the dishes in a dishwasher; wash and dry my laundry with electricity and gas and my car is full of gasoline. I like it. Thank you ND and energy producers. Those who disagree...be the change you want to see, except don't burn wood. It pollutes my air. (Sarcasm).

greatxJan. 4, 14 8:56 AM

"The train full of crude oil that exploded and led to the evacuation of an entire city puts a damper on everything."

Maybe Obama should allow a pipeline instead?

equal4all55Jan. 4, 14 9:20 AM

There are lots of pipelines being built. The only one that is not approved so far is Keystone, and it looks like that will happen too. Can someone explain how the keystone pipeline is good for America? It is for piping Canadian tar sands oil to Texas so it can be refined and shipped to other countries. We take all the environmental risk, a canadian Oil giant makes all the money. How is this good for America? Why don't they build a refinery at the northern border of ND or Montana?

Fair ViewJan. 4, 14 9:30 AM

Thank you to all the hard working folks in ND oil fields. This is changing the geopolitical landscape for our country as our dependency on the Middle East lessens. With all the jobs in the oil field, why aren't more folks migrating to the opportunities like they have done in this country for the last 300 years? Danger and hard work spell opportunity and able bodied people on the welfare train need to do the same thing that previous American residents have done - go to the opportunity and work!


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