Minneapolis congregation fosters sun worship of a different sort

  • Article by: Josephine Marcotty  , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 3, 2014 - 9:55 AM

Sarah Campbell would like churches everywhere to supplement the cross with a new symbol of hope — solar panels.

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ruphinaJan. 3, 1412:36 AM

You know, this is just so touchy feely, but no matter what you decide to invest in, if you can get donations and coerce money out of others pockets thru gun-enforced taxes to the tune of 90% of the cost, it had better be successful. Just one question- how do we afford to pay for 90% of the cost for the whole rest of the country with those taxes? Just another case of the government picking winners for a few at the expense of the many. Bill G.

twinsfaneastJan. 3, 14 2:51 AM

Pure, unadulterated religious hatred intended to offend Christians. It begins with Sarah's fundamental misunderstanding of what she purports to be her own faith, (the cross being a symbol of despair - astounding ignorance!) and concludes with a none too schooled belief in eco-dogma. Shame on you, Sarah; shame on you Strib for promoting this nonsense.

perronjpJan. 3, 14 5:32 AM

re: "The congregation wanted the solar panels to get noticed — so it built a steel frame to hold one-fourth of them above the front door of the church" - I especially liked the tongue in cheek reference to taking the cross off of the building to make room for more solar panels. Something tells me the religion being touted is a little different at this "historically liberal church". Note they say "climate change" rather than "global warming". That is due to some of us believing our lying eyes as we look over the landscape. Antarctica has grew in ice mass nearly one third in a year. Al Gore will still tell you it is melting at an astonishing rate. How about more windmills that kill thousands of birds per year per windmill? Including bald eagles by the score. You kill one, you go to jail; a windmill kills one and they might be fined (happened once under obama), but buy a get out of jail free card from Obama's Feds and you can kill them by the dozen. Now this church is trying to shape public policy on energy needs. Should becoming involved in politics, which would dissolve the separation of church and state, be cause for this church to start paying taxes? I would hope so.

thoroughbred21Jan. 3, 14 6:04 AM

"Of course, it had help from lawyers and the solar companies that built the array in figuring out how a tax-exempt church could take advantage of tax credits." What a shining example for the rest of us to follow...lawyer up and work the system.

nogophersJan. 3, 14 6:07 AM

-6 today. Our climate needs some warming..

patasticJan. 3, 14 6:16 AM

"...installs solar panlels as Social Statement." Which is exactly what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. If they were economically superior, they wouldn't need to knit together a patchwork of agreements and leases to make it financially palatable. And I'm OK with that. If people want to make "social statements" with their resources, let them. But don't force me to make "social statements" with my money or taxpayer money. So, why do we need a federal judge to determine for us that solar electricity is more economical? Because it takes a lot of convoluted mental and linguistic gymnastics to arrive at that conclusion? Nonsense.

nessmessJan. 3, 14 6:20 AM

snow cover solar panels are a symbol of "hope nut no charge"... Hint: They are not going to work until the snow is removed from them... Once you remove the cross from the church, it's nothing more than a place for social gatherings....

russo28128Jan. 3, 14 6:48 AM

Why do we always squawk about the subsidies solar receives…. it is typically 35% of the costs subsidized by taxpayers. If Xcel built additional generating facilities or if a company buys additional equipment for their business like the fossil file companies do …. the write off is 100%. So tell me who gets the better deal on that?

franknjackJan. 3, 14 7:01 AM

A cross does not make a church. "Global warming" is a term only used by cynics. That a church employs technology to make a social statement about being responsible stewards of earth is perfectly in keeping with their respect and love for God. The haters and deniers here are incredible--sad testimony about how people have lost faith in other people and go to great lengths to undermine efforts to protect our environment.

tomstromieJan. 3, 14 7:13 AM

Adding insulation and updating heating system - good use of money. Adding solar panels to make a social statement - silly waste of money. $200,000 could have done a lot of good if used wisely.


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