Broken axle found at scene of ND oil train derailment, but officials unsure if it caused wreck

  • Article by: BLAKE NICHOLSON , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 1, 2014 - 7:20 PM

BISMARCK, N.D. — Federal investigators said Wednesday they have recovered a broken axle at the scene of an oil train derailment and fire in southeastern North Dakota but don't know yet whether it caused the wreck.

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saintnickJan. 1, 14 6:41 PM

We don't need no stinkin pipeline. B. Obama with the help of his engineer buddy Warren Buffett.

railroadJan. 1, 14 7:27 PM

quit laying off employees and hire people to repair the equipment.. dont sub out the work.. Railroads are trying to streamline and letting employees go and doubling shifts is the way to make more profits.. dont care about the dangers to the public

supervon2Jan. 1, 1410:09 PM

Steel becomes very crystalline when its cold and brittle breakage is a common phenomena. Ever wonder why you see so many cars broken down in cold weather? It's not because the driver wanted to go for a nature walk.

gnuspaperJan. 1, 1410:17 PM

Keystone pipeline doesn't ship US Oil from ND. It ships Canadian Oil thru the US for export to other countries. Also reminder that the railroads were given there rights of way a long time ago.

texas_technomanJan. 2, 14 5:59 AM

The railroads sub out very little of their mtce. work. They are one of the largest employers of our returning vet's. Using advanced technology to monitor wheels on moving trains with trackside detectors, derailments have been reduced by 50%. It is still the "greenest" form of freight transportation. A train hauls a ton of freight 450 miles on one gallon of fuel.

hughakstonJan. 2, 14 6:48 AM

BNSF is a Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway owned company. Buffett et al have been lobbying feverishly to kill the Keystone Pipeline project, costing tens of thousand of jobs. JD Rockefeller built the first oil pipelines in order to circumvent the railroads and to keep costs down. Rockefeller understood the economic benefits of pipelines. But, Buffett buys railroads and kills the pipelines, just exactly the opposite! This is not capitalism. It is crony capitalism, aka mercantilism. We can thank Warren Buffet for these train accidents. Buffett is a phony, he needs to be put out to pastures.

Lifeguard06Jan. 2, 14 7:09 AM

What the star forgot to mention is the broken axle was off the grain train not the oil train.

sadie23Jan. 2, 14 8:52 AM

Grain train axle or oil train axle, it makes no difference. The bottom line is the price of gas in MN will go up $.25 this week due to the accident and the delays in moving crude in the weeks to come.

thepointJan. 2, 1410:48 AM

At least the accident happened in ND, the state with most of the economic benefits of the oil. Folks there should not holler too loud, as taxes are going down, and rebates are going up.

britratsJan. 2, 1411:52 AM

With this wreck and the one a few months back in Canada I hope its not a pattern. I'm seeing these new long oil trains pass through Anoka all the time.


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