Mom of boy who died in Woodbury crash wants safety zone restored

  • Article by: Kevin Giles , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 2, 2014 - 12:01 PM

A school bus crash into family’s van killed 3-year-old in Woodbury in 2005. Engineers say warning lights didn’t slow down drivers.

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frostyjDec. 31, 1310:18 PM

THIS is what radar guns are for! Much more so than parking along side an interstate where traffic is flowing smoothly. If there is a school zone and people aren't slowing down, start issuing tickets hand over foot. I'll guarantee you they'll start slowing down.

batman50Dec. 31, 1311:28 PM

Frostyij- took the words right out of my mouth. Took them down because they weren't obeyed? We have laws- ENFORCE them and they work. Word travels fast.

begoldenDec. 31, 1311:29 PM

frostyj, I agree! It sounds like the Woodbury Police Dept. needs to do a better job of patrolling on that stretch of road, if this is true. City of Woodbury, put the signs back up!

zkat5zugDec. 31, 1311:48 PM

I agree too. Funny how the fact that no one slows down on the highway doesn't seem to stop MHP from hiding in the bushes and using radar. Since when is enforcing the law dependent on convenience?

Cindyr73Jan. 1, 14 7:57 AM

We live on a busy, curvy street/road with a 30-mph speed limit, which is posted about every 1/2 mile or so. Doesn't matter - people still routinely fly down the road at 40+ - until we have saturation events with the local LE nailing the offenders. Taking the signs down because they're ignored is one of the dumbest reasons I've heard. Like everyone has said, signs mean nothing until they're ENFORCED.

joe_mnJan. 1, 14 8:07 AM

they ADDED a turn lane? cars in turn lane are out of main roadway. do they need a flashing light to tell the drivers to slow down while using the turn lane?

jrn56Jan. 1, 14 8:33 AM

Increase fines and issue tickets to speeders. It's a no brainier! While they are at it issues steep fines for people running red lights, a common occurrence these days!

agolsonJan. 1, 14 8:40 AM

This seems to be the same situation all over - in Cottage Grove the city decided we needed less stop signs so they took down a great number of them. on my corner the drivers coming from the left of the intersection do not slow down, when the sign came down the drivers coming down the hill to the intersection now don't even look left they don't even slow down to make the right turn. We also now have two families on that corner that have 10 kids between them - I hope nothing happens to any of them.

MorgJan. 1, 14 8:55 AM

I live on a 30mph road that, at only a few blocks long and surrounded by County roads within a few blocks on all 4 sides, should be a quiet residential road, but for some reason people use it all the time. There is an elementary school at one end. The road is supposed to be a "Safe Route" due to the school. After watching car after car go flying by day after day, I starting contacting the City about the situation. Their only response, despite years of pleading for some sort of regular enforcement, was to put their little portable radar up with the sign saying "your speed is" along with the speed limit. After I contacted them again they put out the cords across the street spaced to collect data on traffic and speed. When I followed up on it, they said the average speed was 37, so they weren't too concerned. So, even though they admit most people speed on this stretch, and with the average speed at 37 meaning there are many who go much faster, the city has done....nothing. To this day I have NEVER seen a patrol car on our road. In regard to this story, even if most drivers don't slow down, shouldn't the busses at least know and obey the speed limit? On a side note, I can't tell you how many busses I've seen run red lights. Any talk of children's safety needs to start with them.

ruysnJan. 1, 14 9:02 AM

It is also unfortunate that the County could not have at least extended the courtesy to tell the school that they were taking the signs down, instead of the School having to figure out what was going on themselves. Too often government forgets to think about their "customers", the citizens.


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