MNsure: As clock strikes 12, some are insured, others are in limbo

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 1, 2014 - 12:10 PM

Deadline for Jan. 1 coverage comes and goes, with many still on hold.

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foolnoogieDec. 31, 13 1:39 PM

The state’s most recent goals called for 135,000 people to enroll but so far only 53,000 Minnesotans have enrolled: 21,051 enrolled in Medical Assistance, 12,708 were getting coverage through MinnesotaCare and only 19,420 had signed up for individual or family plans.

foolnoogieDec. 31, 13 1:42 PM

So we have 19,420 out of 53,000 that are actually paying and the rest are getting free helathcare through Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. Doesn't sound very affordable if you are in the working class.

stevemr03Dec. 31, 13 1:47 PM

After hours of trying to enroll and get insurance, I think I did. The only problem is the site does not actually say I enrolled, but it does say I paid for something. This is the worst site I have ever used. Way to many major bugs to have released this thing. Poorly designed as well. Also it is missing key HIPAA security requirements. MNSure has to be considered a Covered Entity. What a complete disaster.

davethedogDec. 31, 13 2:28 PM

Oh who cares. Let all go to Costa Rica!!

residents1stDec. 31, 13 2:28 PM

So just an update for those trying to get on: I've been on hold for over 2 hours now, called about noon. At about 75 minutes, an operator jumped on the line to make sure there was still someone on my end. The lines are "ported out" meaning that there are some incoming calls that will just hit a wall and not get into the system-- keep calling to try to get in. I've also seen about five crashes from the login script while using IE9. Clearly they are being hit with crushing volume.

kirbycalDec. 31, 13 2:28 PM

Been on hold over 5 hours - have used up 300 minutes of my 700 minute cell phone plan - this is truly a joke and a blight on MN SURE - wonder if the General Mills Board member will reimburse me for my cell phone minutes wasted on their system!

lostinstpaulDec. 31, 13 2:32 PM

Read this twice: The MNsure call center has been experiencing average wait times of about an hour, even with about 70 employees answering phones. That’s because many of the problems reported by consumers are related to IT issues that have nothing to do with normal call center operations Wait, what? It takes over an hour by phone, but the reason(IT issues) has Nothing to do with the call center? Blaming something, then saying its not the cause in the same sentence? Did I read that right, or am I just dumb enough to believe the BS they are spewing?

usa2012Dec. 31, 13 2:37 PM

The best part is that Massachusetts who the Democrats like to parade out there as the "ideal" state for Healthcare is having the same problems with their website now that they had to change theirs to work with the National site. You just can't make this stuff up.

huggybear28Dec. 31, 13 2:45 PM

Every person in he IT sector I have talked to whether they lean right or left on the political spectrum) has said "stay clear of the website". They all are afraid of the lack of security of the personal data housed within these websites (MnSURE and Healthcare dot gov). It is just a matter of time until some hacker gets in and retrieves people's data (especially the Social Security Numbers). Just like the Target incident, we will hear about it after the damage has already been done and the data has been hacked. It is for this reason why we bought our insurance straight from the insurer.

residents1stDec. 31, 13 2:51 PM

I will say this re: nay sayers of the Healthcare Exchanges setup due to Obamacare. Without any subsidies (meaning I am paying the full price) for a plan offered through the MNSure; I will be saving a total out of pocket cost (premium, deductible, and out pocket max) of $7,436 dollars for my family of four for a 2014 policy ($11,460 for PrefOne Platinum Ult. Choice D) over what I paid in 2013 ($18,896 for Medica MSA Gold Equivalent)- and it has more comprehensive coverage. My 2013 plan cost less due to limitations on private insurance rates from the first phase of Obamacare. If you take into account my costs before both phase I and phase II of Obamacare, in 2014 I will save $12,040 in 2014 versus what I spent annually prior to Obamacare ($23,500). To be clear- this is all out pocket money to private insurers with no government subsidy then or now. Not sure what the argument against Obamacare is? Would people rather give more money to private insurance companies? Lest we forget, historically some of the highest paid CEOs in MN were those of "not for profit" healthcare insurers. At United Health former CEO McGuire used to have cash compensation years of over $50,000,000 (seriously, 50 MILLION, an 8-digit comp)- and that was excluding stock awards and liquidations.


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