Players' plea to Wilfs: Keep Frazier as Vikings coach

  • Article by: Mark Craig , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 30, 2013 - 7:00 AM

They stood by their coach after a season of close losses.

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ericeric22Dec. 29, 13 9:32 PM

What about his obsession with starting Ponder over and over again when he clearly isn't the guy? What about his inability to distinguish talent (Erin Henderson vs Audie Cole), what about not starting Patterson or Rhodes at the beginning of the season, who as we all know we're very good players. I won't even get into his play calling, lack of fire on the sidelines, or clock management. Sorry, he's got to go.

partskcojDec. 29, 13 9:46 PM

LMAO...the plan has always been to toss Frazier under the bus. Frazier doesn't have a chance. Spielman will be back as GM. He and the Wilfs are of the same cloth and these people stick together. That should tell you all you need to know!

KallioDec. 29, 1310:13 PM

First of all, I think that Leslie had orders who to play at QB , which made him the perfect fall guy. Don't follow orders and it's insubordination. I agree with being too slow to make changes. As far as personality goes he is true to his; let's equate this to our own lives--would you want to work for a high strung screamer?I have and all it does is keep everybody on edge.... I do think that he does have to learn to judge his reports objectively and that Williams and Singletary need to go; as far as Musgrave goes the less Ponder played the better the offense got.

zngrhghDec. 29, 1311:07 PM

Another soap opera in progress at Viking central. It's seems to be quickly devolving into Frazier versus Spielman. Frazier apparently has player support, although I don't understand how they think he and his staff can lead them to a Super Bowl. Spielman apparently has ownership support, no idea why. Bottom line, it sounds like the Wilfs, Spielman and Frazier are all culpable for where this team stands today based on Frazier's presser comments. Like it or not, the Wilfs aren't going anywhere. They're paying Spielman and Frazier to perform in their respective leadership roles, for their football knowledge and most of all, to build a winner. So who owns the current state of this team, it's losing record and general regression and dysfunction this year? I'm reminded of the conference call Spielman held for the press when they signed Freeman. He kept mentioning the Viking "philosophy" is to always upgrade talent, in any position, whenever it becomes available, as the rationale for signing Freeman. He talked about wins as the only measure of success in the NFL. So why doesn't this Viking "philosophy" of high performance, upgrading and wins as the measure of success apply to it's coaching staff and GM? They built and coached this team to 5-10-1, following a weak schedule 10-6 season, and another losing record the prior year. Neither has a winning record. No sense of momentum or progress, instead the opposite, division and finger pointing. Questionable communications with press and fans. Excuses. The fans and team lose while Frazier and Spielman fight to hang onto their jobs as results deteriorate. If either applied the Viking "philosophy" of high performance and winning to themselves, shouldn't both acknowledge (along with the rest of the coaching staff) their failure and offer to step aside, whether the Wilf's accept either resignation, instead of playing games to hang on to their jobs? The front office and coaching staff should be subject to the same Viking "philosophy" as the players. The NFL is about winning, plain and simple, per Spielman and Frazier. They should walk their talk

callmestupidDec. 29, 1311:55 PM

Frazier isnt the problem.

vikodinDec. 30, 1312:01 AM

We didn't take Billick, Tomlin, nor Dungy...all who won Superbowls. But we should stick with Leslie Frazier? A passionless, confused, assistant coach who is WAY over his head. Anybody else would be an improvement.

simmys11Dec. 30, 1312:01 AM

While Frazier's pronouncements on Ponder (best chance to win) were ridiculous, I get the feeling that it was Spielman that forced Ponder's anointment as starter during training camp rather than allowing a competition with Cassel. Spielman also let the Vikes go into the season with a poor secondary and LBs. Frazier's main sin was his commitment to two very poor coordinators ans schemes: utterly predictable Musgrave and outdated cover-2 Williams. If the coordinators are fired, I would be OK with Frazier getting another chance.

ericeric22Dec. 30, 13 2:09 AM

This isn't our every day lives... This is a professional football league where players get paid millions of dollars to win. Plus, coaches with fire and passion such as Gruden, Cowher, Tomlin, and Coughlin all have Super Bowls to show for it. Frazier is the Vikings version of Gardenhire. He wants to be buds with everyone. The nice guy. He's supposed to be a coach, and light a fire under their butts when they don't perform. That is where a lot of the problems lie....

lgaytanDec. 30, 13 2:15 AM

3 full years was more than ample time for Frazier to make this team a winner. The fact that he stubbornly stuck with Ponder so long is what did him in. It's time for a change. The Browns fired their head coach only after 1 year, sorry Frazier fans, life is definitely not fair in the NFL!!

lgaytanDec. 30, 13 2:22 AM

Vince Lombardi was a very mean ?????, yet he made brought out the best of each of those players. Frazier might be a very nice man, but he definitely has not brought out the best of the players on this team. Time and time and time again, we saw players kept making the same stupid penalties, and just bad coaching decisions over all. That Josh Freeman fiasco was just plain embarrassing! Sorry guys, this is bad coaching. The players might all be their good friendm but this is the NFL, it's time for a PROVEN winning coach next season!!! If the players want to meet with him for personal counseling sessions next season, that is their right, but after 50 years we all deserve our first Superbowl title. It's NOT going to happen with Frazier leading this team!!!


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