Total sign-ups for Obama health plans estimated at 2M as December surge propels federal market

  • Article by: JOSH LEDERMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 29, 2013 - 2:55 PM

HONOLULU — A December surge propelled health care sign-ups through the government's rehabilitated website past the 1 million mark, the Obama administration said Sunday, reflecting new vigor for the problem-plagued federal insurance market.

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ivehaditDec. 29, 13 6:02 AM

Uh-Oh! Now what is the GOP going to do? As more and more get better, more affordable coverage, the "repeal" Party will be unable to stop health care reform. Single payer is down the road. I'll be on Medicare by then, but my children will love it. (They already hate their company plans that cost a mint and cover nothing.)

Grumpy42Dec. 29, 13 7:07 AM

ivehadit- After all the lies this President has visited upon us you still believe him. Remember 5,600,000 policies were canceled by Obamacare involving about 1,000.000 people. These people are now uninsured. We know that we cannot verify those who have actually paid and how many are actually signing up for free Medicaid. So the question still remains how many Americans have signed up for private insurance and have they paid the premium. Next question, how long will they keep their policies in force? Smugness is not an attribute.

kleindropperDec. 29, 13 7:40 AM

So the net result of Obamacare is at least 4 million+ fewer people with insurance? Sounds great!

dentesterDec. 29, 13 7:43 AM

That's nice. Only 4 million to go to catch up to the 5 million who've been thrown off of their existing health insurance.

mnavariceDec. 29, 13 7:51 AM

Why wont the publish weekly metrics showing accounts created, policies signed up for, policies paid for, policies confirmed and delivered. They should publish actuals versus forecasts. Why the lack of transparency.

patasticDec. 29, 13 7:54 AM

According to the Kaiser Foundation..."In 2012, over 47 million nonelderly Americans were uninsured. Nearly all of the elderly are insured by Medicare, yet nearly 640,000 of the elderly were uninsured in 2012." One million out of 47 million...Success?

localguyDec. 29, 13 8:03 AM

It was the private sector insurance companies that cancelled all of those policies, not Obama. Granted that Obama was naive for not seeing that coming, but he underestimated the greed of those companies. They are in business to make fortunes, not to keep us healthy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is more naive than Obama

dakmarknetDec. 29, 13 8:06 AM

dentester - The 5 million whrown off was an annual thing with health insurance common under the previous system. At least now they can apply and receive better coverage than they had before. Under the old system, they couldn't get coverage again. I think by this time next year the ACA will be something the repubs will try to take credit for.

dewarfDec. 29, 13 8:14 AM

Yup, it's his "signature domestic policy achievement", alright. And his "signature foreign policy achievement" is..... (fill in Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Egypt, Syria, China, et al). I think we now fully understand why you elect someone who has at least some executive and leadership accomplishments in his life BEFORE you put him in charge and then HOPE he can learn how to get things done. We COULD have elected a competent black man. Putin and enemies of freedom are laughing up their sleeves. And our children and grandchildren will be paying off his Trillions of increased debt for decades. Quite a legacy.

martin68Dec. 29, 13 8:24 AM

How many have actually paid for this coverage. If you have not paid, you do not have coverage.


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