North Shore teen more than halfway to sleeping outside for a whole year

  • Article by: SAM COOK , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 30, 2013 - 8:39 PM

HERMANTOWN, Minn. — It was bedtime for Rudy Hummel. He pulled on three pairs of pants and four shirts. He slipped into a pair of boots. He walked out into the starry December night and headed for his snow house.

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tcatheartDec. 28, 13 8:44 AM

Very cool story. I really like that he set a goal, a tough goal at that, and he plans to follow through on it. Many people, let alone teens, don't have the gumption to set a goal that difficult and follow through on it. Good luck!

offtherecordDec. 28, 13 9:03 AM

This kid will do something great some day. Great story.

zkat5zugDec. 28, 1310:28 AM

Neat story. What I like best is he's pressing on while knowing most everyone else thinks he's nuts. How many of us have regrets about not doing something we wanted to out of fear of what others might think? I know I do.

gutshotDec. 28, 1310:30 AM

We should have more kids like him!!!

mylittleidDec. 28, 1310:37 AM

This young man is a lot more mature than I was at 17. With his attitude and determination he is going to do well in life.

azfullcircleDec. 28, 1312:19 PM

probably going to have a difficult time sleeping indoors when the year is up. That's ok, he has options.

weewillyDec. 28, 1312:27 PM

Would they actually make someone an Eagle Scout for this kind of thing?

mmediaDec. 28, 1312:34 PM

We need more folks like this kid with an intrepid, Nordic spirit, and fewer people like newscasters who moan about every cold forecast, drivers who complain about people riding their bikes in the winter, or people who need to bring motors along every time they set foot in the outdoors (generators while camping).

ffedericoDec. 28, 13 2:08 PM

It's good preparation for being homeless. Just think of all the money he can save. Seriously, though, I can sympathize with him. I like to leave our bedroom windows open when we can and the sounds of the night are nice to listen to, particularly the owls but also the trains near us. A little breeze is very nice as well on hot nights.

klide2Dec. 28, 13 2:48 PM

Are you people all completely insane or just single digit IQ? There is nothing cool or neat about this. This kid will never do anything great. This is just another strange person destined for the streets, homeless, or an anarchist in the making. Good grief. Praise someone when they do something good. Go help a family in need who needs help. Raise money or food or supplies for those without. Find a hero like a policeman or teacher or fireman to praise. What the hell is wrong with people today!


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