At halfway mark, Wild's goal drought, road woes must be fixed

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 27, 2013 - 2:03 PM

WINNIPEG – The theory is the three-day Christmas break came at a perfect time for the slumping Wild.

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yathinksoDec. 26, 1310:28 PM

This just in...Fletcher and Yeo have failed the Wild fans. The roster is mediocre and the AHL team is now a bust. This is all on Fletcher. Yeo can not get his young talent to take the next step and has played Yo Yo with his young talent. Time for both to go and start the rebuilding process again. Fletcher just appears to be a younger version of Doug Risebrough. Yeo just appears to be in way over his head.

cntrygntlmnDec. 26, 1310:35 PM

Russo, any chance Yeo will give serious thought to actually coaching in the second half instead of just "changing" the lines with prior failed pairings and vowing to be better after "tough" losses? It's like Yeo can only focus on one facet of the game at a time. Last year he couldn't make in game adjustments so this year all he does is change the lines in game. But now he's neglecting actual hockey strategy and relying solely lineup adjustments.

mnhockeyguyDec. 26, 1310:43 PM

Fletcher better not be thinking about next summer... because if the Wild misses the playoffs, which is a real possibility with its pathetic scoring, then Fletcher will be gone along with yeo if he isn't fired by February. I fully expect Fletcher to make a head scratching trade at the deadline to try to keep this team afloat. The backstrom and cooke signingings still mystifies me too. You get rid of Cullen and Seto who are good for around 20 goals a piece each because you cant afford them, but then sign Backstrom and cooke to terrible contracts? There have been some good with Fletcher but also a lot of judgmental errors.

kenjoh77Dec. 26, 1310:43 PM

I don't think a three day break is gonna fix "suck". Let's be honest, there's no magic pill. It'll take a new system (i.e. new coach) and an infusion of new blood. There's a reason we bring in goal scorers and turn them into lifeless stiffs.

Oglethorpe2Dec. 26, 1310:57 PM

Breathe, then think. Heatley and Brodiak will be gone this summer. The cap is increasing, and the Wild may have as much as $20 million in cap space. The youngsters are getting better, and will be better next season. This team is not going to win the Cup this season. They will be better over the next several years, and if Fletcher can round up some real scorers, this team has a chance in a few years.

bhrnew1lDec. 26, 1310:57 PM

Its almost unbelievable what I am reading from Fletch and Yeo, what the heck. The owner can remain in his current posture as long as ticket sales don't lag....... I can't vote for or like a team managed/owned by the Uncle Leo unless he starts treating the fans with a bit more respect for their intelligence....... If you watch Wisconsin FSN you see their advertising Dany Heatley pretty hard anything to sell tickets, guessing Heatley helped drive some ticket sales in the Wisconsin area..... The Wild of today are a far cry from the integrity in which Lemaires teams played with, that guy was worth every penny AND the Lemaire- DR Wild played hard and competed, you know if you were going to a game you were in for a good one almost all of the time

chooseanameDec. 26, 1311:15 PM

The Yeosdive is an annual occurrence. I wouldn't worry too much about Parise. As soon as Yeo is fired and Granlund slots in between him and Pominville, Parise will be right back to his old form.

rsmaggiemae1949Dec. 27, 1312:20 AM

Here is a interesting thought Yes, Yeo may not have the best players or even the right players but the team does not seem to want to play for him and his strategy What if Hitchcock,Quenville,Sutter or even Don Lucia, or Jerry York of BC were able to coach this team for about a month, I wonder what the difference in the team would be and how differently they would play and then maybe a coachs strategy could also win the game, as I dont believe we as fans see much of that Like I have pointed out before What NHL coach would put 4 left hand shots on the PP?? What NHL coach would put Brodziak out against Crosby to start a game?? What coach in the NHL in the second to last game of the season against Edomonton, would put his 4th line against thier first line There are many more questionable calls Yeo has made that just show no hockey percentage in winning games. I just think we need a new Coach with desire,passion for the game, and uses his hockey sense and experience to win the games This back and forth for players to Iowa is not solving a thing, and I think Yeo is just grasping at straws.. Some of these players should apeak out and say if they are being lead in the right direction and they like the way Yeo coaches them as they wont make the playoffs this season, not like this and I dont think the guys in Iowa are experienced enough yet, most of them anyway. The trade is March 5th, not many more months to take a long look at everybody on the coaching staff and players to get5 rid of dead weight and wasting Leopolds money but yet the price of tickets went up 5 percent this year just becuz they made it to one round in the playoffs?? I am sure by Parises disgusted look on his face all the time, that he is not happly at all and neither are the fans

jimiekDec. 27, 1312:32 AM


phingroveDec. 27, 13 5:40 AM

I said it the day Yeo was hired. He is in way over his head. He made a great minor league coach. Great job! That is where he belongs. Nothing wrong with that. Head coaching for him at this level just didn't work. Please hire an experienced coach this time around. It is crazy how we sign proven goal scorers, they come here and lose it.


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