Anger builds over credit card data breach at Target

  • Article by: Jennifer Bjorhus , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 27, 2013 - 10:44 AM

Hacker attacks could increase until 2015, when the United States shifts from magnetic stripe technology to EMV smart cards.

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citypersonDec. 27, 13 1:20 AM

Well the good legislators should not be surprised. America is behind the European/Scandinavian curve in technology, food safety, vacation, and near every other category. Anger? Anger? It is laughable.

Packman_1Dec. 27, 13 7:27 AM

EMV cards have been standard everywhere but here for quite a while. The banks are afraid the extra cost might eat into yearly executive bonuses so they're willing to accept a little fraud now and again.

anonymDec. 27, 13 7:48 AM

How's that technology outsourcing to India working these days?

swschradDec. 27, 13 9:26 AM

I find it hard to believe that somebody compromised the tens of thousands of point of sale swipe boxes one by one. the malware was inserted at the data center, had to be, and was pushed out to the terminals as an upgrade. had to be. it is a tenet of security that critical systems must not have connections into the outside world, Internet, USB media, whatever. this core rule is massively broken all across business and government, and must be fixed.

ToddWDec. 27, 13 9:52 AM

Suing for what? Inconvenience? Tell that to the homeless or a child down at St. Judes/Children's/Gillette's. The spirit of X-mas and humanity on full display.

fluffywhootzDec. 27, 1310:46 AM

Anger Builds? Take it out on the US Senate and the US House for they are the ones that have been bought, sold and corrupted by their corporate masters to ignore a security upgrade that has been available for years.

overnunderDec. 27, 1311:12 AM

Hmmmm..... Why does it seem like our legislators seems to be more concerned about nailing Target than they do about catching who actually perpetrated the crime? And to those people that filed lawsuits before proving that anyone was truly impacted - you are lower than the people who committed the crime.

eviter33Dec. 27, 1311:34 AM

Once again, America finds itself in an uncomfortable position. While the politicians posture in front of the TV cameras and the banks throw up their smoke screens and excuses as to why they think this occurred while they demur about implementing the type of credit cards that are now standard across all of Europe, John and Jane Doe are the ones who are left to deal with a mess that could most likely have either been prevented or drastically scaled back from what occurred. Until the people start putting relentless and steady pressure on elected officials and demonstrate their dissatisfaction with how the banking industry is run by pulling their money out and demanding that banks step up to the plate and make the necessary security changes for credit cards users in this country, this type of incident will happen over and over again. The unfettered greed among the banking industry and the empty words and meaningless posturing from the politicians are what is responsible for what happened.

verdin11Dec. 27, 1311:41 AM

I've never worked for Target and I don't own any of their stock, but really, you'd think Target literally raped its' customers or something. There have been massive thefts of Social Security numbers that generated less uproar than this. Calm down, these sorts of financial information thefts happen almost weekly, it's part of the price we pay for convenience in the information age. And it's probably safe to assume that your information as been stolen in the past and you never knew about it. Must be a slow news cycle, but we're only one celebrity wardrobe malfunction or school shooting away from forgetting all about it.

d434478Dec. 27, 1311:58 AM

Target is getting criticized b/c many of us are fed up with their not-nice customer policies over the years. If it has not happened to you, great. But we have had wedding registry messes, huge problems in returns with divisionals deciding you can only return...and exchange within that same dept...really? No impact on me on this mess b/c no shop there anymore...after years of huge $$ and loyalty. We are gone. Way better options to chose from now, sadly, home town store.


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