Enrollment in Obama health plan creates dilemma for Republicans

  • Article by: Jonathan Weisman , New York Times
  • Updated: December 27, 2013 - 8:12 AM

With millions insured, full repeal no longer an option, one senator said.

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dogmanDec. 26, 13 9:55 PM

Apparently the party of no has become the party of no comment

Truckman182Dec. 26, 13 9:59 PM

Wow 2,000,000 your only about 33,000,000 short of what you promised you would do.

liberallymnDec. 26, 1310:55 PM

Wow! They only got 2 out of the 7 they wanted in the bag. Sounds like they could start for the Twins.

diogenesnyDec. 27, 1312:01 AM

"Asked what should be done with the millions of people getting health care through the law, Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., said, 'Call the White House and ask them.'" Translation: "We got nothin'".

dfldebtaylorDec. 27, 1312:45 AM

On Monday, I helped a very hard working low-income friend sign up for insurance through the federal exchange. Up until now, all she could afford was a policy with a $10,000 annual deductible. She had no option for employer-supported insurance. She knew that she had no way to come up with $1000, not to mention $10,000 if she ever got seriously sick. As of January 1, she will have, for the first time in years, truly affordable health insurance. Thank you, Mr. President, and all those who voted to make this happen.

mvidmarDec. 27, 13 4:53 AM

Retention will be a huge problem and Obamacare drop outs will be significant.

subhumanDec. 27, 13 4:57 AM

how can 2 million potential customers be considered a success? The amount of money spent and the countless waste of time has resulted in a negative rio on the American taxpayer and the already insured. It may have been easier to just pass a law that made it illegal to deny insurance to anyone. If you can afford 10 buck a month, well there you go. If you have diabetes, you are covered. It is really that simple. But than again we are dealing with politicians.

comment229Dec. 27, 13 5:04 AM

Hmmmm... doesn't Ryan's plan sound a lot like Obama and Romeny's plan only with a slightly different way to fund it? I am sure the small businesses across America are reading Ryan's plan for eliminating their tax credit and will probably thank him if he is the republican candidate for president.

comment229Dec. 27, 13 5:08 AM

PS... go back and read Graham's comments and you will see that he is still taking the gop hard line, and in denial and hoping that the ACA falls flat on its face. Sorry, but it going the other way as the technology is beginning to function correctly, and the insurance companies are no longer in denial on this thing either. I got my acceptance email from Medica, last week, along with quite an explanation of what they plan to do next..... The gop wasted their time, and our money, trying to repeal this, instead of trying to introduce meaningful legislation that would improve it. I agree that state borders need to be open, but you will see major opposition from most health insurance companies who have monopolies in those states....

comment229Dec. 27, 13 5:09 AM

And just one more comment for a politician in denial.... when he commented, give us both the senate and the house in November and we will change this.... No you won't.... you have zero chance of changing anything, without the one person you have been antagonizing... take a wild guess.


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