$86.25 round trip from MSP to Hawaii? 1st Class? Yep, thanks to brief online glitch

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 27, 2013 - 9:29 AM

Metro traveler scored 4 first-class seats during the brief window of bargains.

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jbeacomDec. 26, 13 3:11 PM

Bought 4 RT, first class tickets to Honolulu for $68 each. Thank you Delta!

thepointDec. 26, 13 3:37 PM

Seems really odd Delta would bother to honor such erroneous pricing. Most web sites have a disclaimer someplace that allows merchants to back out if something goes really whacky. Airlines don't seem to give a wit about customers anymore, so this must have been so minimal that they'll make up for it in a millisecond of other trumped up charges. Probably the seats were likely to fly empty anyway.

ginobambinoDec. 26, 13 3:43 PM

First Obamacare and then Delta? Huh? You cannot even compare the two as Delta's website works correctly almost all of the time. Really showing your bias.

realityfirstDec. 26, 13 4:04 PM

If they were going to honor the prices then Delta's response should have been "FLASH SALE congratulations to our lucky customers who bought flights between 9 and 11am today." Keep shopping on delta.com for your next trip.

sibley61Dec. 26, 13 4:16 PM

Is this only fair because it is the big bad company getting stuck? What if the glitch was in Delta's favor, then people would howl for a refund. Enjoy your ill gotten gain jbeacom, if you really got that rate. If the store clerk (even at big bad Target) gave you the wrong change, would you keep it? Karma can be a bummer.

tkr380Dec. 26, 13 4:45 PM

Government regulations require Delta to honor the prices no matter how ridiculous the error is/was. That needs to be changed. All that happens is the rest of us pay more when this happens. The people that bought those tickets should be ashamed. It is downright theft. Delta should send them 1099's for the difference between what they paid and what the ticket value is so they pay tax on their ill gotten money.

money2Dec. 26, 13 4:57 PM

By honoring their mistake, they saved themselves millions of dollars in BAD advertising. Even if they had 100 people take advantage, the majority of the people got tickets for a few hundred less than they should have been. But even if all 100 saved the $1900 that guy saved to go to HI, that's only $190,000 they lost. How much would it have cost them to NOT HONOR THEIR OWN WEB SITE. It would be in the millions of dollars. I think Delta was very smart. Plus, they probably have insurance to cover their loss.

BallFourDec. 26, 13 5:22 PM

They'll make it up by nickling and diming all of us for the rest of our lives. Let's see, can we remove another half-inch of leg-room and get another row on this plane? How about an inch? Then we can add two.

msimsiDec. 26, 13 5:22 PM

1. Delta intentionally changes its pricing by the hour as a normal part of its business. If they didn't have to honor these, they could decide to retroactively cancel any deal if demand increased for a flight and they could get more money. 2. Delta published those prices on its own website. It would be false advertising to fail to honor them. 3. If Delta had the error go the other way and published prices of $5000 for a $400 flight, who would have purchased them? 4. A store clerk giving you the wrong change would be like Delta offering $350 tickets on its website but accidentally only charging your card for $35. In that case, the customer expected to pay $350 and the charge should be corrected. In the case of Delta this morning, Delta put a price tag of $35 on the tickets and took $35 and gave the customer tickets. If Target did that on an item, I would expect to keep the item and not have a Target employee come to my house later and take it back.

MellersDec. 26, 13 5:40 PM

Why are you all picking on someone who got in on the awesome price? The Strib article states: "New Department of Transportation regulations, aimed at truth in advertising, require airlines to honor any mistake fares offered." If the regulations weren't in place, I could see your point. Not feeling sorry for Delta-I bet they learned a lesson though.


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