Developers must help build Minneapolis parks

  • Article by: Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 24, 2013 - 12:00 PM

Fees or land contributions aimed to meet demand for green space.

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DufferHDec. 23, 13 9:58 PM

Well, we certainly can't have the city and park board missing out on “a big hunk” of possible funds. (insert sarcasm emoticon)

cartoonconnDec. 23, 1310:04 PM

The park board has to be one of the most overfunded in the country.

aarghmebuckoDec. 23, 1310:10 PM

Catch up is right. this is standard practice everywhere. small price to pay for a more livable city, and the investment from the develop more than pays off with increased property values.

rshacklefordDec. 24, 1312:07 AM

(article quote): "Unlike most cities, though, Minneapolis has the Park Board, which assesses its own taxes and is independent of the City Council." ---- Independent of the City Council?! Yeah, right. The MPRB was shown to be the Council's silent puppet with regard to what the NFL and WF wanted next to the unnecessary Wilf/Dayton Stadium. If the MPRB raises Mpls citizens' "park taxes" because of this "stadium park," the citizens should refuse to pay. Not one thing about this so-called public park's acquisition followed proper procedure.

arspartzDec. 24, 13 1:08 AM

Way are parks not a Fee for service enterprise? You want a park? You pay to USE the park.

optionDec. 24, 13 6:40 AM

Seems like a decent idea. Assessment on a 300 unit condo (which is a good sized structure) would be $450,000, or the price of a nice single family home in the Twin Cities Metro. That's "dirt cheap" compared to the way that tillable land is gobbled up for suburban developments.

clrkyyDec. 24, 13 8:11 AM

Guess what all you football stadium non-stop complainers: THIS IS A DONE DEAL, GET OVER IT. You and yours were there in 1957 to complain about MET Stadium, again 1979 to complain about the dome, again in 2007 to complain about Target Field. Everyone has served its' purpose and proved to be a good use of public funds, and viewed in hindsight to have been the right thing to do. As will the next one...

supervon2Dec. 24, 13 8:22 AM

ars-- maybe you should read the report from the Parks department and find out that not only do they charge event fees but that they have risen by more than 400% in five years. The real question is: Where does all that money go? Well, in the report you will find some very hefty salaries for police and administrators plus an annual report that costs over 100K to produce let alone distribute. Can you say deep dark hole?

ettubrutusDec. 24, 13 8:41 AM

supervon2 - Cite your sources for annual report costs and salaries, please (other than your rampant imagination).

ettubrutusDec. 24, 13 8:43 AM

supervon2 - And, while we're at it, what report are you referring to regard to 400% increase in event fees?


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