Sign-up 'navigators' are helping to ease MNsure headaches

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 23, 2013 - 9:19 PM

With website still balky, navigators play an urgent role as Minnesotans race state's Dec. 31 health insurance deadline.

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dflleftDec. 23, 13 9:25 PM

MY UNDERSTANDING is that none of these "navigators" went through a background check. Proceed with caution.

kjeanmDec. 23, 1310:07 PM

Can anyone do a news story or explain the new asset recovery / liens for people signing up for Medicaid & MNSure now that the asset limitations / restrictions have been dropped. I understand Medicaid has been subject to asset recovery for anyone over 55 since 1993.

thefalconDec. 23, 1310:20 PM

None of this means anything. I am signed up and paid and yet have no insurance cards.

chuckdancerDec. 23, 1310:51 PM

50,000 applicants that seem to have vanished. I wonder does the system allow people to pretend that they need coverage but already have employer subsidized coverage so they lie about it , fill out everything and then just walk away having satisfied their curiosity? Or maybe, very unlikely though, critics deliberately taking the time to gum up the system with bogus applications just for fun. There must be a way to get to the bottom of this; maybe like contacting the applicants directly to get their story.

chasgoodniteDec. 23, 1311:28 PM

Such a sorry state of affairs. I'm embarrassed that my generation cooked this up.

JRBDec. 23, 1311:48 PM

Horrible roll-out of what was a very ill-conceived plan from the get-go. They need to start over, with an emphasis on maintaining what's good about the system that was previously in place and incorporating the (very few) advantages of what ObamaCare was supposed to provide. The ultimate goal needs to be to provide choice and free-market competition that will allow everyone to choose what's best for their own individual circumstances. In that respect, the government forced-fed dictate is a disaster.

comment229Dec. 24, 13 5:38 AM

When I talk to people about the MnSure website it always comes back to two basic problems. 1. The "wording" of certain questions is just poor, IE "‘Do you plan to make Minnesota your home?" and worse yet, and still uncorrected, is the password "eight characters long" with specific character types that must be part of it.... well, the phrase on every other website in existence says "at LEAST eight characters long" and what a difference that one qualifier makes. How many people reading this comment had to sit down with a piece of paper to figure out a password of eight characters that they could remember and still fit the protocol? 2. And finally, the average computer literate person is going to have to really think their way through this process.... a below average computer literate person, or novice, has just about zero chance to getting this done on their own. And a PS... if you are not prepared with all your relevant information sitting next to you, and have not done any homework on your income etc. you are not going to get to the end of the process. Simple as that. READ the cover page before you start to register... and heed its advice; it was NOT there in the first month this website was in existence.

comment229Dec. 24, 13 5:43 AM

And finally... excessive wait times, and delayed email answers??? Sorry, but if you procrastinate, this is going to happen. What else would you expect? My application was completed on November 12th...I had to ask for help on two items, and the MnSure employee who answered via email, did a great job of explaining the procedures to me.... I tried the phone, heard the waiting time, and knew from experience to double it... I hung up.... it was not worth my time. However, the people there are swamped and don't deserve your anger... don't shoot the messenger comes to mind. As far as my card in the mail from Medica? They have not heard of me, when I contacted them, and got transferred to a person with a heavy Indian accent..... Will all the politicians and commissioners, and MnSure execs, and health insurance companies, please take out your health insurance cards, and burn them now, so you know how the general public is feeling about jumping through the hoops, paying the bill, and having just nothing to show for it...

comment229Dec. 24, 13 5:45 AM

A final thought came to mind as I re-read the article..... do the MnSure employees get health insurance provided to them through the state government? or do they have to enroll in MnSure themselves? Anybody know? Are their salaries public information as well? Just curious.....

mnavariceDec. 24, 13 7:10 AM

Prediction: the aca will not end up being financially viable. Obama and the dems will realize this. The government will step in and pass a law requiring insurance companies ( and possibly employers in general) to fully fund every dollar of the aca.


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