In ominous sign, many health plan buyers are just picking the cheapest

  • Article by: CARLA K. JOHNSON , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 22, 2013 - 6:11 PM

CHICAGO — As a key enrollment deadline hits Monday, many people without health insurance have been sizing up policies on the new government health care marketplace and making what seems like a logical choice: They're picking the cheapest one.

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John E.Dec. 22, 1311:04 AM

"Increasingly, experts in health insurance are becoming concerned that many of these first-time buyers will be in for a shock when they get medical care next year and discover they're on the hook for most of the initial cost." The logic of this "concern" escapes me. Those without insurance who are now purchasing the cheapest insurance are now on the hook for ALL of the cost of their health care - I suspect that they understand what they are purchasing.

tkr380Dec. 22, 1311:11 AM

Why is this a surprise? Of course most uninsured people are going to pick the cheapest plan with no regard to how large the deductibles or copays are. They are convinced they are getting something for nothing and couldn't even tell you the deductible or copay they are paying for if asked. They think it's all free after paying a small amount each month.

honeybooDec. 22, 1311:12 AM

Americans will literally be dying in the streets, bankrupt, uninsured and untreated.

saintnickDec. 22, 1311:14 AM

I think it's become crystal clear that this thing needs to be delayed. I also believe it is beyond repairable. This is a horrible bill.

dentesterDec. 22, 1311:15 AM

Wait a minute. I thought they were ALL supposed to be cheap. What happened to the $2500 savings?

parker0910Dec. 22, 1311:16 AM

Times are tough, what did they think was going to happen?

redeye12Dec. 22, 1311:22 AM

Gee there's a surprise. The market says people will react rationally. And then the liberals are surprised when the do just that. People had less expensive coverage under their old plans. Either by choice, for cost reasons, or just because. Along comes Obamacare and the basic plan they chose is gone. Because a bureaucrat says they need better, more and more costly plans. With extra coverage comes higher costs/deductibles. For the individual with any common sense, this is not surprising or rocket science. It's human nature.

godiveDec. 22, 1311:30 AM

What's to be concerned about? Obama said it will be better and cheaper under his system. Also if you like your plan. oh wait

chuckdancerDec. 22, 1311:36 AM

The people with very limited resources currently, like the girl in Chicago making less than 20K/yr. are eligible for a premium subsidy and I don't see any mention of net cost in the article. The essence of the reform is that it is better to make a small investment in a premium subsidy than own the entire bill for people that are to dumb to get insurance or understand even what insurance does. The critics get their best shots at the reform by focusing on a cost that is not what people will be paying. Nobody cites the cost of employer subsidized health plans by rolling the employer contribution into the premium, they just look at the net cost of the employee.

greatxDec. 22, 1311:38 AM

saintnick says: "I think it's become crystal clear that this thing needs to be delayed. I also believe it is beyond repairable. This is a horrible bill."

Agreed! At a minimum there should have been some kind of "phased" start... ten states at a time or some such.

I still don't understand why we had to "upset the whole apple cart" for 15 million who never had insurance, half of which never wanted it.


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