Biking is up, even — and especially — in cold weather

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 21, 2013 - 7:02 AM

Report says bike trails and lanes are making cycling safer, more accessible.

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ajnaguyDec. 20, 13 9:54 PM

Safer? Sure, if bikers would use them. Like the idiot pedaling slowly up West River Parkway this afternoon on the road (the bike path he ignored was beautifully plowed) with 7 cars behind him, his right hand holding the mobile phone he was yakking into to his ear.

donm251Dec. 20, 1310:05 PM

THe more you ride a bike in the winter, the more chance you have of being made into a road pancake.

roodougDec. 20, 1310:06 PM

I have been a year-round bike commuter for 13 years, traveling on the Cedar Trail from St. Louis Park to downtown Minneapolis. I very much appreciate the trails and trail maintenance, but I have to say that over the past 2 weeks the city of Minneapolis has really dropped the ball on the plowing of the Cedar Trail. St. Louis Park has the trail plowed practically to the pavement, but the section running into Minneapolis has several inches of snow on it, which was a mushy mess this past week, making cycling extremely difficult and dangerous. I encountered many bikers who were walking their bikes in frustration. Hey Minneapolis, if I am riding on the trail and my bike tire sinks an inch and a half into the snow, guess what, the trail can be plowed. Very disappointing...

JDNCORKDec. 20, 1310:21 PM

I think biking is great! I think most of the bikers are jerks. Before there were bike lanes, they ignored stop signs/lights and weaved in & out of traffic. Now that they have a large number of bike lanes, they ignore stop signs/lights and weave in weave in & out of traffic. Nothing has changed except that they have designated lanes that they in no way contribute to financially. If you want me to start seeing bicycles on the road, start seeing traffic laws. License them so they can start paying for the road work meant to benefit them.

Izzy96Dec. 20, 1310:29 PM

KFAN's Dan "Bikers are Numbskulls" Barrerio must be steaming over this good news...

mattaudioDec. 20, 1310:33 PM

ajnaguy, it's a PARKway. Speed limit 25. Most bikes go 20-25 anyways when they're cruising (the sidepaths have a speed limit of 10 MPH). If you want to go faster, go over to Hiawatha.

roberth999Dec. 20, 1310:41 PM

Regardless...Be careful driving or biking. Everyone is on the roads! Be Safe!

julio57Dec. 20, 1310:42 PM

Bicycling is a great wat to transport yourself cheaply, but in a metro area like the Twin Cities if even one mile of one lane is lost to make way for the 0.1% of the population that are year round bike commuters it is a waste of money, resources, and lanes.

minn12Dec. 20, 1310:48 PM

Really? Highly questionable, coming from a bicycle 'advocacy' group. Doesn't match real observation from what I see around town. Few and far between.

cartoonconnDec. 20, 1310:57 PM

The greenway is all well and good but other trails like through loring park and along Lyndale are a nightmare


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