Confusion rules over new rules in college basketball

  • Article by: Amelia Rayno , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 20, 2013 - 6:39 AM

New college basketball rules designed to increase scoring have led to some foul-filled games.

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dulman49Dec. 20, 13 5:53 AM

Leave the game alone. These new rules in all sports are ruining all sports. The refs are becoming to big a part of the games.

dewarfDec. 20, 13 8:53 AM

I watched the UNC-Texas game the other night. You'd better have a deep bench because you're going to foul out a lot of players. And you'd better be able to make free throws (which NC didn't and they lost). Players who can dribble-drive, take it at the defense and put their shoulder into the chest of a defender are being rewarded under these new rules. Should make Pitino's fast pace, with an emphasis on guard play, more effective. And it takes away Duke's biggest defensive strategy -- flopping to get a charge call. It will be interesting to watch how these changes 'evolve' by the end of the season.

kindaliberalDec. 20, 1310:13 AM

It all depends what the philosophy is? Mine, when I was a ref, was to let the kids play and blow the whistle when a player tried to gain unfair advantage. let the kids decide who wins. If a kid stuck out his arm when he was beat he got called. If a center smacked the defender out of the way with his body to free himself for a shot he got called. If a player whacked a guy while he was shooting he got called. Charging was always the toughest but I called charging when it was obvious when the defender was just standing there and not moving. Tie went to the offense. We used to say some refs called a foul if the guy breathed on the other player.

kindaliberalDec. 20, 1310:16 AM

"It will be interesting to watch how these changes 'evolve' by the end of the season."---Wait and see. It will be like the NHL. Call it closer in the regular season then swallow your whistle during tourney time.

bizzle22Dec. 20, 1310:23 AM

dewarf...haha, the good ole "Duke gets a ton of calls on charges and that's why they win" school of thought. Like taking a charge gets you two points or something. Watch a Duke game this year. Their defense has basically consisted of waiting until the other team shoots so they can get the ball back and try to score. Your old-school idea hasn't been the case for probably ten years

msfb99Dec. 20, 1312:50 PM

College basketball this year is sadly starting to look more and more like the boring NBA. You can jump into players for fouls, you can't touch anyone on defense, and don't even think about trying to draw a charge. I'll miss the bruising Big Ten that Purdue's Gene Keady and Big Ten fans prided the league on.

alextheturkDec. 20, 13 1:00 PM

kindaliberal you nailed it. As a long time official, I agree whole heartily. Amelia you really should not be using the FSU game as an example. That was an ED Hightower & crew refereed game. That crew has always tried to take over a game and be the focal point. This has gone on for years with that crew. A good ref should let the game evolved, make the calls that are justified, and let the players make the difference in the outcome of the game.

njfan08Dec. 20, 13 2:13 PM

Thanks Amelia I really appreciate you covering this. The true irony is these changes are suppose to help the flow of the game. I have a hard time seeing this better flow when the whistle constantly stops play. I was at that awful Florid State game(awful from the standpoint of fouls) looked up at the scoreboard in the mid-way thru second half and between the two teams there were close to 30 fouls. That's ridiculous! I watch a lot of college ball and I've see more guys foul out or sit because of foul trouble and its barely into the 2nd half. I hope something changes soon because the flow of the game that these changes were suppose to help is gone and will remain so if refs don't ease up.

SqUaReD80Dec. 20, 13 2:48 PM

Be careful what you wish for. This will turn the NCAA into the NBA. Both leagues already pay their players... that's not new... but the NCAA will become an isolation, one-on-one format. The team format is what's great about the NCAA. Very rare in the NBA.

verumprototDec. 20, 13 4:49 PM

I absolutely do NOT like these changes ... NBA-like. As a former coach and HS referee, it vastly "cheapens" this great game and increases the "subjective" calls.


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